Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fab Nail Arts Weekly Challenge theme "FRUITS"

HIi ladies.. just a quick post for Fab Nail Arts (FNA) weekly challenge theme..

Submit your entries to 
U can submit ur entries until November 22, 2010 (23:59 +8 GTM Philippine time)
resize ur photo to 800 x 600 pixel. 
Don't forget to include your blog/fb link
Thank you so much!!
happy polishing everyone!!

Please read:
we just like to clarify that our weekly nail art challenge is NOT a CONTEST its a show case gallery of nail art designs created by nail art enthusiast around the global with our specific nail art weekly theme.. we post all the entries photos on our FB accnt and also in our

personal blogs:

again, thank u..


shortwidenails said...

i trimmed my nails a bit =( I lost a corner so I had to even it out a bit.

I don't know how you do it. run an internet cafe + have a kid + long nails. wow! i would think that having a kid is really hard to maintain long nails since I take care of my sisters 3 year old and I always end up getting chipped nails/ broken is kind of rough.

thanks for these challenges it really helps with nail inspiration

shortwidenails said...

oh yes, also, I am malaysian. I was born in kuala lumpur then immigrated to canada. I still go back to KL quite a bit. I find malaysian make up is really expensive. Well I guess northamerican brands that are sold in Malaysia like OPI are super expensive. I have never looked at malaysian brand makeup, next time I will take a look.

fierce nails and beauty said...

Thanks for sharing.
check out my blog i am having a giveaway!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so going to wait for pics on what entries you get for this one!

-Diana- said...

Can I sent older pics? I've made fruity nails in the past couple of years, but then I didn't had a blog yet. So only some people in Holland have seen them. said...

OMG! Those designs are amazing!

gingerSnap said...

Thank you Triszh, I found my work here:) got a new post. Please drop and have a look. Maybe you'll like. Goodnight..

ThRiSzHa said...

thank u ladies.. im looking forward for ur entries..

@ dianna- yes u submit ur old

@gingersnap- pls email us ur entry.. pls ur blog link