Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello Lovelies.. I've been so very busy this past few weeks and so I have no enough time to make a post.. A few weeks ago I had talked to my very dear friend Grace and she told me that his brother has a nail art store around the metro and so I visited the nail art shop.. and the store is so pretty.. I love the pretty pink color of it which its so girly and it reminds of the Etude House store here in Manila... here are some pics & items I purchased on JUST NAIL art store.. the store offer a nail art using decals, freehand, digital nail art machine, u can find a lot of nail art stuffs like nail art brush, stickers, 3D mold, image plates, stamping nail art kit, pre- cut water decals, etc. they also have different polishes like, scented polish, crack polish, matte, dull polish, special polish for nail art stamping.. if u are here in the metro try to visit the nail art store.. I'm sure U will love to see & purchase some nail art stuffs.. and U can ask Roland ( the owner)  everything about his products and he will answer u with a smile... u can also check his online shop just click here "JUST NAIL"

and heres the U & A crackling polish

indoor shot

i love how this cracks on my nails..

"BK scented polish"  it has a rose scent

 BK scented polish swatch 

  U&A crack polish & BK matte polish

U&A crack polish

 U&A crack polish, Bk scented polishes

BK matte polish

U&A Dull Polish

"dull polish" the photos doesn't really show the true finish of this polish its a semi matte polish with micro pigment on it.. it is nice with or without top coat.. 

here's a holo polish that Roland gave me, a sample of  this polish from his distributor, 
its not yet out in the market
this polish reminds me of OPI DS Vintage..
I really like how HOlo this polish is and it stays on my nails for a week.. XD

thats all for today.. happy polishing!!

this color is really nice in summer...

I bought all the products by my own money, the seller just gave me some freebies for me to make a review of the item...  I did not accept any cash form to make a review on this products.everything I said about the products are base of my own opinion after I tested the products. .. pls. check my disclosure policy.

Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Balls

HI ladies.. happy Monday everyone.. just like to share my previous mani.. on this design,  I was inspired on one of my fave game.. "billiard"

this is the only Chez-delaney D series image plate that I have, thanks Lily..
I really like this image plate so much, but it gives me a Lil pain on stamping the pattern on my nails coz the design was a little bit deep engraved on the plate, thats why u get a lot of polish from the plate,   so u really need to be carefully stamp the design on ur nails or else the design will smudge..before i do my konading I always put top coat on my base polish, it protects my base color polish whenever ever I made a  mistake on stamping..
Using a cotton and non-acetone remover I carefully wipes my mistake design...
this could make ur base polish looks so dull but dont worry coz u will apply another top coat after ur konading and will make ur mani look pretty again..

How to do it?
1. Apply ur green base coat let it dry & put top coat
2. Using Sponge, apply  a small amount of  white polish on the center of ur nails
3. Use black special polish and stamp ur 8 ball design where u sponged ur white polish
4. Apply & sealed ur mani using ur top coat

polish used:
essence in the jungle
konad special black & white polish
chez-delaney D14 image plate

2010 is the most memorable & exciting year for me.. I won in some previous of nail art contest & giveaways, meet a lot of people who are also into nails and nail arts...I was able to get some of my lemming stuffs.. and most specially I'd  reached 900+ followers..I want to thank u all.. the bloggers that im following, thank u for always keep us update on whats the new trend, for inspiring me to some nail designs, for posting some tips & tricks.. to my followers, for reading and leaving comments.. i can't explain how happy I am whenever I read ur comments on my post.. ur comments are priceless.. XD to my  FUNKZ friends, I really love on how we shared our ideas, thoughts and point of view.. to my family.. for always being there.. THANK U!! XD  here are some photo of the gifts that I received last Xmas...I forgot to take some photos of what my dear friends Shiverly & Elsa gave me.. thank u all... xoxo

from Saudi with love...LOL from Katherine!! thanks girl love it! XD

 Manicure set from My sister-in-law & her hubby

OPI swiss collex from my Brother-in-law XD

konad special polish from hubby.. thanks han.. XD

OUMAXI acrylic paint from my mom & bro XD
really need to practice more on one stroke..

 water decals & striping brush from Onestopkikay shop.. thank sis den!

pink stuffs from one of my nail art buddy MAE.. thanks sis..

 Xmas gift from France.. thanks LILY!! ur really such a doll... XD.

special gift from GB.. thank u so much Sarah.. ur so sweet

loads of love from Tiffany... thanks Tiff!! U ROCK!! Ü

from one of my very pretty talented friend Bless.. thanks sis!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone.. I just like to share a link where I found some new cool image plates that u might interested to have.. the designs of the image plate are all customized by SHIRLEY.. I love all the design for it look so much fun.. and according to Shirley the image plate size is just the same with the A series but its a little bit less deep.. so the image will come out in a good quality.. Oh I'm really hoping that the designs are better engrave and the details of the image really shows.. well, I'm really looking forward on this Series of image plates and cant wait to have them.. what do u think about this new series of image plates? which image plates u like most? As what Shirley told me she will release this new series of image plate very very soon so always check her site for updates..(click here for the link)
 thats all for today!! thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone!!

here are some of the designs that she will be releasing very very soon..
check out Shirley's site to the complete photo designs  of series she will be releasing
and of course, she ship her items international! XD

 wow.. a full image of hello kitty Ü
 love those cute mickey
 poo & betty boob are really cute
 love those full design of hearts
 playboy full pattern looks so HOT!
 I love this image plate.. my lil cheska would love this for it has tinkerbell..
 love the full nail designs
 love this plate..