Monday, November 30, 2009


hi there ladies... i just wanna share my past KOTD.. I'm back here in Abu Dhai and i had a great time on my short vacation in Dubai... though i havent found many nail art stuffs from that city.. i still enjoyed my vacation together with my family and in-laws... i'll share the polish pics on my next blogs...i cut my nails a bit and file it up for my nails are getting curled when it grows too much i dont know what to u know something how to cure curled nails? does curling nails are natural when u have a long nails...
have a great week!! happy polishing!!! keep safe xoxo!!

i used konad M3 image plate and Guppy #51 for stamping polish
when everytime my daughter look at my nails she sings.. "twinkel twinkel little stars"
i sponged some white and essence ultimate pink then 1 coat of my bobbie purple glaze

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


hi there ladies... tomorrow were goin to Dubai.. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE but Dubai is the very well known city here as its known as the open city and so i'm hoping to found some nail stuff when we visit some malls in Dubai.. its Eid Holiday here in UAE so i made a special NOTD and i just wanna share my 9th attempt on water marbled nails..whenever i see water marble designs i feel so envy for im always failed in water marbled then again I try to make water marbled nails but before that i read Barbara (POLISH-LOUNGE) and NHIRIDA blogs about water marble.. one thing i really learned from them is choosing the right polish coz not all polish are good to use in water marbling...and I wanna thank them for sharing those blogs coz now i think Im not FAILED in water marbling...the fact that i enjoyed doing water marbled nails now..what do u think about my water marbling?anyways, happy polishing.. xoxo!

here's is my another water marble nails...
i drop some caronia claret polish, guppy white..and i love the looks of this... don't u?
one thing i learned is to put a scotch tape around the cuticle and it would minimize the cleaning of unwanted polish around the cuticle..
so i got a little effort to clean my cuticle.. and its not that messy at all and wouldn't waste too much polish
this is my table after doing my water marbled nails... messy?? yeh its kinda messy..
but who cares..carebear?!! lol

i used bobbie polish purple pasion, opi miso happy with this color, guppy "white", caronia "claret"
a plastic cup with water, nail polish remover, tooth picks, scotch tape, cottons

Saturday, November 21, 2009


HI there everyone...i just wanna share my NOTD...and i called it HOLIDAY NAILS... next week its holiday here in UAE yay!! so we will go to Dubai and I'll try my luck to find some new polish or other nail art stuffs and oh Im so surprised when i checked Barbara blog site (POLISH-LOUNGE) I WON on her autumn nail art contest...weeeeeeeee... thank u so much to all who voted me and also i wanna thank Barbara for having this contest...she is very nice plus u would love all her nail art and swatches so check her blog site for more nail arts and swatches...As what i've told on my last blog if ever i will win on the contest i will donate the prize in the "nail art for a cause" the prize is not for my own use coz i already have those kind of image plates plus i think this is the best way i can help other people...i will also donate some of my polish that i left in Manila..oh well i think its much better way for me to do than just to stock my polishes on my cabinet...again thank u so much!!

so heres my NOTD.. what can u say about my NOTD? do u like it?? or this is boring? ;))

opppsss... btw also check Christy (kroniclesofakonader)blog site she has an awesome give aways!!! (click here)

Painted Tips also having her giveaway (click here)

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have a great weekend!!! happy polishing and keep ur nails healthy!!! xoxo!!

i dont put any base polish so u can see i have a yellowish nails.. weeeeeee...
i just hope there's really a great product that would prevent yellowing nails..

konad sp "green"
konad sp "red"
guppy "#27 white"
sally hansen manicure pen
small silver beeds
dotting tool

Image plate:

fauxnad B 89

here's my autumn nail art entry.. again thank u all!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi there i'm glad to show to u my very rare and i think this is very Limited edition of image plate.. its called its "China plate B67" this is my first time to use this plate since i got this ip...i havent try the multi color layering stroke on this plate... but i will try next time...
this plate was bought in a local store in Hongkong.. I'm not just sure if its available in ebay... for i havent seen any ebay seller that have this flag ip.. do u like this kind of image plate? have u seen this kind of image plate before? thanks for reading and happy polishing.. keep safe!! xoxo please check POLISH-LOUNGIE site and please VOTE FOR ME my entry "number is #3" and to those people who had already voted me THANK U SO MUCH... xoxo:))

I really want to win in this contest not because for my own use but because... i promised my friend in the Philippines that if ever i will win in this autumn nail art contest i will donate the prize, the stamping nail art kit on her "NAIL ART FOR A CAUSE" program..

this is not my first time to join in an activity like this way back when i was in Manila..and i really like the feeling of helping other people... now that Im here in Abu Dhabi I'm still thinking some other way i could help some of my other countrymen...

my friend who is the founder of this group "FASHIONISTA" (Im a 4 yrs member of this group) has a salon and she works in the Church office in our town in Manila... starting this coming December she and her staffs and some of our friends will have this program called "NAIL ART FOR A CAUSE" every weekend she and her staff will go to different places around the metro and will have a small nail art stall...(moving nail art cart) all the money that she will earn every weekend from every nail art they made will be donated in the "CARITAS Manila" for the street children and to those people who are affected by the typhoons... when my friend told me about this..i am really eager to help her program in helping the street children.. and i think this is also one way of helping other people...IN EVERY VOTE U'LL MAKE FOR MY ENTRY (ENTRY#3) WILL GIVE HOPE TO SOME STREET CHILDREN IN OUR COUNTRY...THANK U SO MUCH!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


hi there ladies.. just a quick post for my NOTD...yesterday i check the store which sells some essence items and i check if the essence "all access" is already available.. but sadly IT'S NOT!! i asked the sales lady on when are they goin to have those kind of polish she said.. maybe next year!! WTF!! next year!??! and im so disappointed on her answer to me..(i traveled 1.5 hours by a bus in able to check that store in a Mall) oh yeah i'd rather like to ride a bus than to drive and get lost in the
so then i just decided to bought essence on the go polish...
i got this essence ultimate pink..i love the color of this plus it has a purple micro shimmer...
happy polishing!! keep safe!! keep ur nails healthy!! xoxo

essence "ultimate pink"

polish used:
konad sp "white"
konad sp "black"
essence "ultimate pink"
seche vite "top coat"

plates used:
fauxnad m35 (paw prints)
fauxnad B114 (cat)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi there ladies.. i just wanna share my autumn nail art entry for POLISH-LOUNGIE autumns nail art contest... check her blog and join the contest.. she has a very great prize!!

In the Philippines we don't have autumn season or winter season.. we only have 2 seasons which are the wet & dry season... here's my autumn nail art theme that i made.. what do u think about my work? do u really think its really autumn nails? have a great sunday!! happy polishing!! xoxo

Polishes used:
jesse paris "silver"
OPI romeo and Joliet
my own franken polish "bronze"
konad sp "yellow"
stamp polish "orange"
franken polish "pearl white"

image plates used:
konad m51
konad m31
amisy D03 (fauxnad)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi there ladies...just another polish from our local brand from CARONIA... the polish name is "italian nude" this polish is my mom fave polish she loves the shades so much...
u may notice that i have a very weird nail shape... its because i got 3 broken nails..COL (crying out loud) would u like to guess which nails are they? oh well ill show u my naked nails on my next post... i hope u all have a great weekend!! happy polishing.. keep safe!! xoxo

"Caronia Italian Nude"
purple pink cream
polish used:
caronia italian nude
nubar nail art stripper "white"
yi-yin black nail art striper

Thursday, November 12, 2009


hi there ladies...i just wanna share to u my KOTD.. i used one of the local polish brand in the Philippines and it's "CARONIA" they have lots of variety of color from creams and frosted (shimmer) in the Philippines the shimmer polish or the metallic polish called " frosted polish" then the cream polish is called "regular polish" international brand of polish like china glaze, OPI, essie etc. are not locally available in any cosmetic store in the Philippines... i just wanna share to u some colors that our local brand have...enjoy & have a great day!! happy polishing!! xoxo

with konad M53 & franken "white pearl"

the polish is not fast drying... just another regular polish

"caronia toasted cinnamon"

Monday, November 9, 2009

some swatches & blog award

hi there ladies... i would like to say thank u to all of u who greeted my hubby a happy b-day and thank u for all ur comments...though im not too specific or too talkative to some of my post u still leave a comment on my page and im really glad that im not only talking to myself every time i post a blog.. lol.. i just hope i share and give some idea for ur konadicure...

"rimmel rapid ruby"
this is my first own rimmel polish...
NUBAR Toga Purple
my fave nubar nail polish
i wish i can show u the rainbow micro shimmer on the pic
i took a lot of pic on this but i cant show yah...

i have been tagged again.. yay!! i was tagged by sweety NHIRIDA, SUBFLAVA, CHOCADDICT , SAKURA & JUICY-NAILS.. oh i would like to say thank u so much for tagging me.. PLEASE VISIT THEIR FAB BLOG SITE...
this is not my first time to be tagged by someone..but this is my first time to do a tagged i'll it give a try..

i wanna say thank u to all FABULOUS BLOGGERS who tagged me..

here's the 7 facts about me

1. im a chocolate & ice cream lover

2. i met my hubby through internet chat (mirc chatroom (Manila Channel) does anyone knows what im talking about? this was the chat trends before the yahoo chat came was 8yrs. ago there's no web cam available yet on that time.. me & my hubby get married on our 4th yr. anniversary & we've been together for 7 yrs.)

3. i have 125 pcs. of image plates.. 40 of them were konads then the rest is fauxnad (Ohh.. i got only 122 now..coz i send the 3pcs to Nhirida)

4. i have a lower back tattoo its a tribal butterfly

5. i don't do nail art or put a polish when my nails are too short i want my nails naked when its short..

6. i was a cheerleader when i was in HS & a lead vocalist of a band

7. i much like a dog pet than a cat... ( i have 3 shitzhu small breed dog with long hairs, pug (MIB dog),2 rottweillers and a German sheperd) though i want to bring them here in Abu Dhabi i just leave them in Manila with their own
ohh i miss them so much...
though i like much dog than a cat..but i much love garfield than the

i tagged all my FAB followers & all the blogs i follow..u are all kreative in ur own special way!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just another Konadicure

hi there everyone just a quick post... i want to share my KOTD yesterday...yesterday was my hubby's birthday and he pick his own choice for the konad image plate design & OPI nail this konadicure is kinda special...have a great weekend!! keep safe!! happy polishing...xoxo

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opi bogota blackberry
konad i.p m53
my own franken "bronze" (stamp polish)
jesse paris silver, gold & teal for the dots

Monday, November 2, 2009


HI THERE EVERYONE... how's ur weekend so far? i hope u had a great weekend.. anyways just a quick post..i wanna share to u the nautical mani entry that i made for Nail Juice nautical theme contest... i had a hard time on stamping the upper wave on my nails....i forgot to take photos of the polishes that i used...happy viewing & thanks for reading.. what do u think about my work? would u wear this mani?
check out Lisa (DREMKA) NAIL ART WORLD site and please vote for me (click here)
My entry number is : 6 & 15
thanks a lot!!
stay happy & keep ur nails healthy!!xoxo
::giveaway & contest::
check out Barbara" POLISH LOUNGE "site shes having a great giveaways & autumn nail art contest!!
check here site for more info
polishe used:
sally hansen white on (base color)
konad sp "blue" (wave)
konad sp "red" (anchor)
jesse "gold" (dots on the anchor)
under water

image plates:
amisy F05 (wave)
Fauxnad m54 (anchor)