Saturday, July 31, 2010

L'oreal star magnet polish

Hi Ladies.. I just wanna share my NOTD its my ultimate lemming L'oreal star magnet polish... i love this polish so much for the effect is amazing!! I know this polish is hard to find and it's not available here in Manila mostly u can avail this on ebay.. I just to say thank u my very sweet dear friend NIHRIDA for sending this to me... thank u so much Sasha.. I love it!!! big big big hug for u!!! thats all for today!! have a great weekend!!

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

YSL Inspired mani

Hi ladies just a quick post.. here's my YSL inspired that I made.. I found this post from SOL from digital traincase she had made her own version and here's mine and I also want to share to u the package I got from Daph I got my prize on her first nail art contest... thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone!!

YSL inspired french tip mani
Polishes used:
franken polish "steal me not"
inglot matte polish 709

and here's my inspiration

and here are the prizes I've got from Daph from her Animal nail art contest
thank u Daph I love the cute card u sent to me its so sweet!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

PHD Weekly Challenge "COLOR ACCENT"

Hi Ladies!! a quick post for my contribution on PHD (polish hoarder disorder) weekly challenge theme: "COLOR ACCENT" on my mani I used the color combi of black, white, gray & pink... I freehand the pink & gray stripes and used the black stripping tape & stamped over the playboy design mani using the white konad sp

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A day with another blogger

Hi Ladies.. 2 weeks ago I met another Fabulous blogger name ELSA from Everyday is a blessing since our places are near to each other we decided to meet up and visit the Etude house in Manila... here are some of our nail pics!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

The Etude House store in SM Manila
I love this store so much in pink!!

Last weekend I also made some swaps from my very dear friend MAE (art of nail) & EINA and here are the stuffs that I've got...

package from MAE (art of nail)

Package from EINA
she dsent me some polishes that are locally available in her Town in Davao

she gave me a glow in the dark polish
this polish is used as top coat and much opaque over white polish

see its really glows in the dark.. Its so cool...

and during the weekend I found a playboy fauxnad plate...yay!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

HI Ladies!! Just a quick post.. let me share to my entry on Fashion Inspiration weekly challenge at Polish Hoarder Disorder (PHD) check out PHD blog for other fabulous manicures!! thats all for today!! I'll be out of town today and I'm goin to visit my in-laws and what's keep me excited most Im goin to meet my friend MAE (ART OF NAIL)..

On this mani I free hand the black & white stripes
and stamp over with the skull image
thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
Polish used:
OPI black onyx
Revlon Chrome punch
Nubar stripping nail art polish

Image plate used:
fauxnad plate m48 (skull image)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


HI LADIES!! A week ago I received 2 packages one was came from Lisa GLAMMED UP and another is from Michelle THE LACQUER FILES... I was so happy when I received 2 packages in a week and what keeps me more excited it's a polish mail..woooooooottt!! woooottt!! let me share to u what manicures I came up with before I show to u what's inside with the packages...

on this mani I used China glaze fortune teller.. I've been wanting this polish so much ang I am so glad that Lisa able to send me this polish... I used different fauxnad plates for the spider web using the China Glaze millennium for stamping..
china glaze fortune teller
I wish they will have a pink, green, purple polish version of this
here's what Lisa sent me... weeee!! this made me jumping over joy!!
I am so surprised for the shipping days of the package took only for a week
heres what's inside the package..!! OMG!!
bunches of polishes and ofcourse a complete set of BM plates!!
thank u so much LISA u are really a SWEET HEART!!

china glaze babies & hard candy
my first love bites, nicka, Chg Matte, L.A colors Enchanting,
Revlon perfume polish "grapes"
klean color, SH Purple Pizza, pure ice, Purple glitter polish (*LOVE*)
another mood polish yay! my very first Finger paint polish and it's awesome coz it's green..
Milani Digital (awesome holo)
See the franken polish its similar with Massini Slamming red and I love it coz it's so gorgeous!!
Hard candy Mr. wrong!!

On the 2nd package It was came from Michelle from THE LACQUER FILES it was my prize from her Spring nail art contest.. check out her blog for she's having a Horror nail art Contest
Here are my prizes.. OH MY GOSH!! I've got my very first GOSH polish!! and I love the nail art polish, tools & decals she sent me.. thank u so much Michelle!! XOXO

Friday, July 16, 2010

Black & Gray Water Marble Nails

Hi everyone.. Hows ur week so far? anyways, I like to share my past mani that I made using our local brand here in the Philippines the brand called "Sansan" as they say " Beauty Exclusives is a special line of in-house brands manufactured exclusively for HBC. Manufactured under strict high-quality control standards, Beauty Exclusive products offer the same or better benefit than the leading and popular brands at affordable prices!" -HBC

Its not my first time to use this product for I had try their cosmetics lines...and I would say I love their products.. its cheap and had a better quality.. and I'll be buying some of their other cosmetics and polish!!

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

polishes used:
global glitters
sansan "cloudy gray"
OPI black onyx

here's my rating for the san san nail polish "cloudy gray"
drying time:
Can use for stamping/konading:
the application is OK I dont have any issue though the Polish brush is just normal
Opacity: Since it's cream polish 2 coats is OK
drying Time: it dries in a normal time for a regular polish
this polish can be used for konading and I love it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi Ladies.. Just want to share my contribution at Polish Hoarder Disorder weekly challenge.. the theme for the week was Summer sponging!! Check out PHD blog for other summer sponging entries click here.. all images are clickable!!

thanks for looking happy polishing!!
under artificial light

polish used:
enchant #66 and #32
aics navy blue
sally hansen hidden treasure
allue blue sea
konad special polish "green and red"

image plates used:
amisy F05
bundle monster B01

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hi Ladies!! Just a quick post.. I like to share with u an inspired mani that I've got while browsing over the net.. hope u like it..
thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

polishes used:
OPI Fashion for NY
Color club "bright pink"
Guppy #17

Image plate:
Konad M57
here's my inspiration for this mani I got this from MINX

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


HI Ladies.. just a very post..for I have a very busy week.. here are some of my past fauxnadicure that I like to share it with hope u like it.. thats it for today!!

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!