Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi everyone.. just like to share my kawaii halloween nails.. this past few months I am being busy on my training and tomorrow I'll be out of the country for a few week for I am going to Taiwan and attend a nail seminar training and exam In able for me to get license certificate to be a nail educator here in PH... wish me luck...
here are my Halloween nail design I hope I will inspire u..

happy Halloween everyone..!!BOO!!

"Hello kitty Devilicious"

"Mickey Mouse"

and here's my gel nail creation from our nail training

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi!! Lovelies.. I have so many nail designs that i created a few weeks ago just don't have enough to make a blog post for as I am so much busy with my nail training and I have only 3 weeks to go  and I'll be going to Taiwan to get a professional training for nails.. and hopefully I would pass all the exam and training in able for me to be a license nail educator.. well, wish me luck... let me share to u some nail design that I made.. hope u'll like it.. and hoping would inspire u...

materials used: oumaxi acrylic paint

and here are some nail designs using FUN IP 
it will be on stock by next week or in 2nd week of Oct.
u can purchase the fun ip on our FB online shop click here "FUN"

Photo from Ms. Sarah

photo from Ms. Aileen

Photos from Ms. Veronica

photo from Ms. Kate

photo from Ipinkycat