Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Cutee (BLOG SALE!!)

Hi everyone im back from a month holiday vacation.. and here's my new nail design using QA image plates

thanks for looking..
 happy polishing everyone

material used:
Inglot 646 as base polish
FAB sp blue, yellow, pink, avocado green, silver
QA 11 & 12 image plates

 Please visit my  FB account or just email me for ur inquiries..

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Price: Php 50.00


Price:  Php 100.00 each bottle (Philippine Peso)
bottle size 6ml per bottle

Available Colors:

Price:  Php 70.00  each (Philippine Peso)  
bottle size: 6ml per bottle

Available colors:
1. Yellow 
2. pink

3. bubble blue
4. avocado green
5. white
6. charcoal
7. orange
8. lavender - SOLD OUT!
9. Red wine
10. teal
11. violet
12. dark blue

15 ml per bottle
Price: Php 150.00 each bottle
more swatches of BK holo click here


FUN2 image plate
51 mix image designs
Ip size: 14.6 x 9.6 cm

here's a sample nail art design using FUN1
nail art designed by MARIA of NAILNATION

Price: Php 250.00 
item description
XL STAMPER size is 2.7cm (soft silicon stamper)
1.5cm rubber stamper (small stamper)
2 plastic scrapper

We ship International and accept payment via paypal 
Prices of each item are EXCLUDING shipping fee
Shipping rate is depend on the total weight of ur order
After u fill up the order form link u will receive an email confirmation from us that we received ur order form list.



sadee said...

wowwww very colourful

Unknown said...

Great mani!!
I love it!

Unknown said...

Those stamping polished look amazing!!!very bright! Love it

Angeles said...

Really cute and colorful mani...!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy funk. These are awesomely fun and cute!

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

perfect color looks like nail decals.. love it so cute!!!!!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I'm pming you :)

La tía Maruja said...

What plate stamps letters like in the last picture? It looks really cool! Kisses!

ThRiSzHa said...

@la tía maruja - its the FUN ip but its out of stock at the moment

Anonymous said...

When are the FUN ips available again???

cadsheys said...

I want the lovely Fun IP plates set.
When it will be available again?

fingers said...

Sarah is always raving about your plates-I need to order some soon!!!

yoli bartus said...

i am a girl from Spain and I am interested in your nail stamping plates, wanted to know if I can place an order from Spain and how. thank you very much greetings.

yoli bartus said...

i am a girl from Spain and I am interested in your nail stamping plates, wanted to know if I can place an order from Spain and how. thank you very much greetings.

yoli bartus said...

i am a girl from Spain and I am interested in your nail stamping plates, wanted to know if I can place an order from Spain and how. thank you very much greetings.

Anonymous said...

Do you sell th xl stamper?

b.aurorenail said...

I'm a french nail artist and I love the image plate FUN2 with Hello Kitty.
It's possible to place an order from France? And what is the price for the image plate an the shipping cost?
Thank you

Jayn said...

hello! I just stumbled upon your blog after discovering nail stamping not to long ago~~ I checked your facebook store and it said that the FUN1/2 image plates are out-of-stock! I was wondering when those plates will be restocked. Thanks for your time and your wonderful blog!! :)

Care said...
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Pandrikuma said...

I was wondering if you had everything still in stock? Especially the plates and the holo polish. Please let me know, I would love to purchase A LOT!

Pandrikuma said...

Hi! I was wondering if you still had mostly everything listed here in stock? Especially the nail plates and the holo polishes. I would love to purchase A LOT! Please email me =)

Rachyta said...

hi.. i'm from Indonesia. Can it be shipped to our country? :D
i really love FUN image plate.. :(

Lily said...

how much is for ip Fun2 with shipping to CA USA?

Unknown said...

Hello would it like to know where to find to buy all these brands?

créa-diddlindsey said...

magnifique toute c'est plaque sa donne envie

créa-diddlindsey said...

magnifique toute ces plaque

ann_oyed23 said...

hi im interested in the fun2 image plate, do you still have some availalble? and do you ship tp canada pls. let me know. thanks

Demetria's Nail Biz said...

You have a lot of Great things! I can't wait to order some plates.

♥vendy♥ said...

hello I'm vendy from Italy, I want to add me to your follower, but I can not,
I want to buy your FUN image plate, what is the cost? and shipping to Italy?
please visit my blog:

♥vendy♥ said...

hi I'm vendy I send to you another comment for purchase you stamping plate :)
now I'm your new follower, please visit me ^_^ LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is sabrina and I would like to know if you have any caronia nail polish for sale? I am in the US and it seeems like they dont sell any here. Thanks my email is

Anonymous said...

Wow i lI've how all the comments are never answered

Unknown said...

hi im from argentina i would like to buy your nail polish for stamping culd you send me the prices(in usd) and the shipping cost? thank you!

Nicholeleta said...

Hello I would love to purchase some of the image plates you have if you could please email me Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you deliver the goods in Brazil. My zip code is 22733-010. Would like to know the price of shipping. My email is:
Please answer me .. I became interested in several plates ..

Rachael said...

Do you still have BK holo 8 or 20 in stock? How much to ship to Cebu?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm interested in ordering the following plates:
OB6, 8, 13, 34, 37
fun plate 2
What would the price be including shipping to the USA?
You can contact me at

Thank you!