Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi Ladies!! Happy Friday everyone!! here I wanna share with u a mani that inspired by one of my favorite song.. it's "KISS ME" from SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER.. I Love this song so much and I always pick this song whenever we have a Videoke session with my High School friends...that's all for today!!

thanks for looking!
happy polishing
polishes used:
bobbie purple passion
konad sp white, red & black

image plates used:
konad M4
konad M51
A photo of our Videoke session with my High School friends
have a great weekend everyone!!

here's the Music Video of Kiss me by Sixpence none the Richer!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


HI LADIES.. just a quick post heres the mani that I made from my revive slamming red polish that given to me by Angie (SCANDALOUSLY POLISHED) this polish is very fabulous Im really in love with this polish when I saw scrangie's swatches on has a holo glitters that really makes this polish fabulous!! Thats it for today!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
polishes used:
massini slamming red
A no name China black/gray polish with holo glitters
aics #4 polish
massini slamming red
under artificial light
here are the polishes that I had with me on my baggage when I went home here in Manila... would u like to guess how many polishes are there on the track? I'll give u a clue it's more than a hundred... and I'm still waiting for bunches of my polishes on my cargo box to arrive..XD
my special polish for nail art stamping

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fauxnadicure with Etude House #42

Hi Ladies.. Just a very quick post.. I've been very busy this week for my Cheska has started to go to School.. let me share to u my past Fauxnadicure using the Etude house polish #42... I'm loving Etude house polish for some of the color polish is can be use for stamping and the polish is very opaque for 2 coats and no application issue at's my past Fauxnadicure and I like to share it with u guys...

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
Etude House Dear Darling Nails #42
a dark blue with blue & silver micro shimmer
drying time:
Can use for stamping/konading:

I've came across and read this article on how to store a nail polish (CLICK HERE) I want ur opnion about this.. does putting a nail polish on a fridge will keep ur nail polish last longer? How old is ur Oldest nail polish bottle?

Here's my 16 yrs. old nail polish bottle this is my very first nail polish this was given to me when I was in grade school bought by my Aunt is US...sorry I forgot whats the Revlon polish name, I dont have this polish with me anymore, I left this polish here in Manila when I went to Abu Dhabi.. and my Mom told me that she throw all my dried polishes that I left here on my stuffs..I haven't try to put this polish in a fridge I just stored this in a COOL & DRY place... this photo is taken March 31, 2009

Sunday, June 20, 2010


HI LADIES!! just a quick post for my analogous mani that I made for Polish hoarder disorder (PHD) Weekly challenge and the theme for the week is ANALOGOUS.. check out PDH blog to look for other fabulous Analogous mani that created by other bloggers!! I'm a bit busy today for its my Cheska 4th year birthday and we have a LiL party for her!! have a great Sunday!! and happy Father's day to all the fathers around the global!!!

thanks for looking happy polishing!!
I choose the green, blue green, blue combination on this mani

polishes used:
OPI green-wich village
essence "crazy me" polish
china polish in Blue
image plate used:
faxunad plate H28 (Chez-Delaney)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi Ladies!! 2 weeks ago I received a package from Angie from SCANDALOUSLY POLISHEDcheck out her awesome blog for she has made some scandalously mani... and heres what Mani I made inspired by the Wicked Vixens Logo.. thank u so much Angie.. i love.. LOve.. Love all the polishes!! xoxo sweety!!

Inspired by the WICKED VIXENS Logo
Water marble technique for the background
fauxnad plate T32 from Chez-delaney
black konad special polish
Sally hansen hidden treasure

Let me share to u what Angie sent me... are u ready??

bunches of scandalously polishes!!
All polishes arrived safe aside from this Massini slamming red...waaaaa.. I love this polish so much and I know how much effort Angie made in able to get this polish so I think a best way for me to save this polish and for me to get a chance to swatch this Fabulous polish... I gather all the dried polish and put them in an empty bottle of polish with polish thinner & a clear polish then shake it to the max!!LOL!! then hola!! I've this gorgeous polish!! and I love it so much!!! thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hi Ladies!! recently I joined 2 nail art contest and I am so happy for my 2 entries WON via voting over comments section!! On my opinion I think this is a great or better way for online voting, I much like this method compared to voting via poll for I think this method would really justify the number of the votes of every each participants... whenever I joined in a nail art contest, I'm not after for the prize, it's just that I like to share what idea or design I could make on for the nail art contest theme and it makes my heart pump over joy!! whenever I see people voted for my nail art makes me to be inspired more to do some mani that I could inspire others, appreciating my own work by other people is more than a prize for me...I remember I
donated the prize In a youth organization that I've got when I won the AUTUMN NAIL ART CONTEST @ Polish Lounge..thats really made me happy for my own simple way I'd try to help other people from my nail art passion!!


As my simple THANK U TO ALL OF U.. I'm giving out a new HELLO KITTY & MICKEY MOUSE FAUXNAD IMAGE PLATES, just simply leave a comment on this post saying "ENTER ME IN" with ur email address to enter this giveaway!!

this is open to all my LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL FOLLOWERS
this will end on June 30, 2010 11:59 PM South East Asian time

U are free to blog about this simple thank u give away on ur blog dont forget to include the link (2 extra entry)
I will use for choosing the winner!!
hello kitty image plate
fauxnad plate cg-01
mickey mouse image plate
Fauxnad plate CG-06


Monday, June 14, 2010


HI Ladies..Happy MONDAY everyone!! I got another awesome fabulous package from another blogger.. LISA (GLAMMED UP)and Im sure most of u know her for she's the QUEEN OF MULTI LAYERING NAIL ART STAMPING.. I love all her unique nail art works.. her creativity is awesome!! her nail art works are always on my desk top background...I Love her and I know most of u love her too...and so, I just like to share to what Lisa sent me...weeeeeeeeee.... are u excited?? oh, well let me share to u what fauxnadicure I made from the stuffs that Lisa sent me...

polishes used:
sinfulcolor polish Sugar Sugar
china glaze passion
Sally hansen hidden treasure
image plate:
H25 (chez-delaney)

sinfulcolors sugar sugar

ok, heres what Lisa sent me.. Loreal jet-set shine (raise the roof) its a flakie!! sinfulcolor polish Sugar Sugar, Sally hansen HIDDEN TREASURE.. oh yeh U read it right....weeeeeeee!! I've got the SH Hidden treasure, i've read lots of reviews of this flakie polish and now I know why lots of bloggers are loving this..this HT is totally FABULOUS!! she also sent me SH right said red, color club art of seduction, OPI royal raja ruby,maybelline express finish glitter red comet which I think quite similar on China glaze Ruby pumps, I've got also zoya lip gloss and last but not the least... 5 fauxnad plates from chez-delaney!!!
thank u so much Lisa..I love all the polishes that u sent for me!! thank u.. thank u.. thank u...XOXO!!
thanks for looking!!
happy polish!ing! xoxo

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi Ladies!! 2 weeks ago I went out of town to visit my parents-in-law and since Mae's house are just a few mminutes away drive from my in-laws house Me and Mae (Art of Nail) made a swap and I would like to visit my godson Jamir Mae's 2nd baby.. I drop by on their house, made a LiL chat to her for I am in a hurry and Have no time to stay long but for sure next time we will have more time to spend together.. we also tried to have a photo of our mani but the camera didnt cooperate with us..LOL!!

And from the polishes that she gave to me I gone crazy to try the black crack polish.. and I choose the pink & black combi... the polish is easy to remove compared to the crack polish that my aunt bought in Transdesign and I think its Lil cheaper compared to the price of the crack polish from transdesign, it chips on my nails after 4 days.. so i think its not that bad after all..
thank u so much Sissy Mae.. till next time!! XOXO

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! xoxo
I like to share with u what Mae's gave to me..
sally hasen nail growth miracle, Sally Hansen maximum growth polish , L.A. colors (enchant), my very first zoya polish, crack polish in color black, red & purple, dotting tool, metal decal in red, green & purple color plus a rimmel eye liner...I love all the polishes she gave to me.. thank u so much Sissy Mae!! I'm looking forward to see u again soon.. and If u want to see what I've gave to Mae click here

please Visit Mae's site ART OF NAIL for she has FABULOUS nail design she's awesome & her creation are totally ROCK!! I love the Asian Girl she made.. Pls. vote for her GIRLIEST NAIL ART ENTRY @ EMERALD SPARKLE click here to VOTE!!
here's what Mae girliest Nail art Entry..
Mae's entry #3

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RAOK from France

Hi Ladies!! I've got another RAOK from SAORI of Les ongles de Saori, check out her blog for she has FABOULOUS nail designs, She sent me bunches of Nail Foils, nail nuggets & stripping tape plus she also sent me nail foil adhesive and a very sweet note from her which is too sweet!! THANK U SO MUCH SAORI..XOXO!! u're really a sweety DOLL!! here's what my NOTD using a nail foil that SAORI sent to me..

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
on this Mani the base polish
i used is china glaze Gr8 holo
here's a photo of what SAORI sent me...

though I'm a bit too busy here in Manila for my LiL Cheska is going to school by next week I still able to get chance to look for some nail art stuffs like water decals, fauxnad stamping kit & fauxnad image plates and some polishes here in the Metro and here's what I had found!! expect for my next NOTD to see some design using my new fauxnad plates and polishes... that's all for today!! LIVE.. LAUGH.. LOVE..!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I ♥ K.I.K.O.

Hi Ladies!! this is long over due post!! Sorry Maestra for the delay.. before I left Abu Dhabi I've got my very last packge and its from Maestra Parokeets this is the last part of our crazy swaps she send me lots of stuffs, shes sent me some fauxnad plates from chez-delaney, nail repair pads,essence polishes, s-he polishes, china glaze flying dragon, binchun polish which i love coz its pink!! I've got my very first essie & NYC polish and most of all she sent me a KIKO polish which I've been wanting so much..I love to have kiko polish for my hubby's nickname is KIKO... LOL!! and she's so sweet for she sent some candies & gummies for Lil cheska and a beautful personal made post card with her gorgeous picture for my Lil cheska... thank u so much Maestra!! my heart is jumping for joy!!
and after the polish pictorials I put them again in the bubble wrap and put them on my baggage, but before that I tried the KIKO 251 polish and made some KOTD... and here's what my KOTD using KIKO polish.. again thank u Maestra.. xoxo!!

thanks for looking!!
Happy polishing!!

polishes used:
kiko 251
china glaze millennium
image plates:
konad ip m17 & m18

kiko 251 is a bright pink with subtle blue shimmer
here's what Maestra sent me.. isn't she's sweet?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi Ladies!! I've been very busy here in Manila so I haven't got a chance to make some post..
Let me share to u what beauties I found here in Manila...
the polish brand called "ETUDE HOUSE" it's a korean cosmetics brand, the polish base has NO TOLUENE/PHTHALATE, they're not only selling nail polish & nail care they're also have wide variety of cosmetics here in the Philippines their popular product is the BB promise a one-step solution for a lot of ur skin care concern.

here's the Dear darling nail polish that I bought A week ago, they have a very pretty polish bottle,I don't have any application issue with this polish!! though, polish is named by a number code.. though in some of my research I found some names of the polish but when I went to the store and ask the polish that I want to buy & gave them the names they're asking me for the number code..ohh ohh.. I hope they will be more creative on naming their polish...but for sure I'll be back agin in EH store for more of their nail color polishes!!

dear darling swatches
#31- it's a purple pink glitter polish
#42 - dark blue frost with a micro silver & blue micro glitter
WH004 - a black jelly with filled green, blue, purple micro glitters
BL009 - a blue with micro green shimmer
PP007 - a purple pink with a blue, red, purple micro glitters
that looks holo under the light
U can also found a nail swatches of the WH004, BL009 & PP07 here

"ETUDE HOUSE Petite nail polish Line"


pp09- purple pink cream
BL501- a very soft touch of blue cream polish
BL505- a soft touch lavender cream polish
GR605- medium touch of green cream polish


OR203- soft touch color of orange but not a pastel color
PP903- a very deep purple cream polish
GR604- light green color with a micro silver shimmer
#7- frosted bronze with micro silver shimmer
#2 - dark blue jelly base with micro blue & silver shimmers
have u heard about ETUDE HOUSE? or do u owned any Eh polishes or cosmetics? well, thats it for today!! for those who love to try this Fabulous polish u can check
thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!
NOTE: this post is NOT SPONSORED BY ETUDE HOUSE I personally bought this beauties from my own pocket XD