Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi Ladies.. just a quick post. I'm kinda busy this coming week for its Cheska first periodic test and we are busy on reviewing her lesson... anyways.. i dont have any stamping nail art to share to u but only a simple nail art done using a toothpick (floral) XD thats all for now.. have a great weekend!!

heres my NOTD hope u like it...
thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

polish used:
China Glaze FYI
Sally Hansen Ruby Sleeper
etude house YL802, WH702, WH706

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Song Inspired Mani

Hi Ladies.. I just like to share my contribution on Polish hoarder disorder (PHD) weekly challenge and the weekly theme challenge for the week is "Song Inspiration" and here are my entries..

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

This mani is inspired by the song : "ANGEL OF MINE" by MONICA
it me & my husband theme song..  XD

under light box
angel of mine
and here's my past Song Inspired manicure 
KISS ME by Sixpence Non the Richer

and let me share to u my new ETUDE HOUSE HAULS

 Etude House Polishes
(L-R) BR301, PP903, WH706, WH702, PK001

(L-R) PK012, YL802, PK011


(L-R) GR605,GR601, BR303, GR603, ME02, WH701


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hi Ladies.. just a quick post.. I know some of heard about the news about the Hostage taking at Quirino Grandstand (Manila, Philippines) if u want to know the full story CLICK HERE I'm sending my prayers for the family of the victims and for peace & safe our country....
On the lighter side.. I am so proud that Miss Philippines won the 4th runner up in the Miss Universe 2010 Pageant.. congratz to all the winners and to all the beautiful Ladies who've participate on the pageant!! 

Here's my NOTD
I used nail foil "rainbow swirl" (thanks Saori for the nail foil) I used Claire's medium purple for the base polish and top coat
lets just keep on mind that.." there's always a rainbow after the storm"
thats all for today ladies!! have a great week!! keep safe!!
Thanks for looking!! happy polishing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Phat

Hi Ladies..Im back from my short trip in Singapore I had a great time and love the place so much though, i haven't find a lot of nail art stuffs or polish I'm sure I would love to come back and visit again the FINE CITY!!
here's my Polish hoarder disorder weekly challenge "JUST TIPS"

thanks for looking!!
happy polish!!

OPI " the thrill of brazil"
konad sp "black"
chez-delaney H14
18k Baby Phat metallic sticker
fuchsia rhinestones & heart pearl rhinestones 

please check out The daily Nail nail art contest "theres no place like home" and vote for ur fave entry
heres my entry for the contest
 "a hot air balloon event that I went to with my family" 
summer giveaway!!

NAILSTAH Mega giveaway!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


HI Ladies!! As I've promise on my last post I'm goin to share the water decals tutorial...i purchased my water slide decal in an online store in FB  (Onestop kikay shop) but sadly she doesn't ship items internationally...but dont yah worry sweeties.. I have some surprised for yah SOON...I'm going to Singapore have a short trip with my friends!!yay!! I'll be back on monday!! 
heres the tutorial of water slide decals ...

camouflage water slide decal

Camouflage Water slide decal on its 4th day on my nails

heres are the water slide decals that I purchased the size is 2 inches tall and 5 inches long

Choose a base color polish ( the more light color polish U choose the more the design pop out)

Cut 10 pcs. of decals base on ur nail size & shape
soak the decals on water for a few seconds

remove the printed film through the white paper

put the decals on ur nails, cut of some excess decals on ur tips/ or file them.
use a dry cloth or tissue to remove the excess water from the decal
 ( tips: a thin coat of clear polish or top coat over the decal makes it easy to put on ur nails)
do the steps 3-5 on all ur nails

Sealed it with ur favorite top coat and ur done!!

My review:
I think this decals are great for a new way on decorating ur nails.. it's just time consuming  for u need to cut off the desire size on ur nails and since the decal doesn't have an adhesive, it might be a lil bit hard to place on ur nails so u really need to put a top coat on it for it will help to prevent some lift on edges..compared to nail foil after putting a top coat on it I dont see any wrinkles on the decals. for removal, I just used a polish remover 
 will I buy another of this? YES!! I would love to purchase it again for it has 100 designs to choose from!! So u'll will see a lot of water slide decals mani on my next post!
thats all for today ladies... I hope this post give u some idea on how to use this water slide decals..
have u try a water slide decal? share ur opinion or is there any other tip u could share to us..
thanks for looking happy polishing!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hi Ladies!! Just a very quick post for my Birthday  Nails Mani for today... I am a bit busy on preparing for my Birthday party later!! Today it's Aug. 9 and Its my 30th Birthday!! yay!! Aug.9 is also the National day of Singapore and Im going to Singapore this coming weekend, can't wait to visit, explore and find some nail art stuffs or polishes.. anyways,  On this mani I used water slide decal.. I purchase this at OneStop KikayShop on of the moment shipping internationally is not yet available.. i'll make a review & tutorial on this water decal on my next post and I have a surprise for u lovelies!! so stay tune...

thanks for looking!!
 happy polishing!!

Just Like to share this Music Video
IN THE CLUB by 50 CENTS (techno remix)
I heart TECHNO

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi Ladies.. I like to share a local brand polish that I found here in Manila its called "ALLUE"  this brand are exclusive on HBC stores only most o their polish are cream... i don't have any application issue on this polish.. they have lots of gorgeous colors the only thing I don't like is they're in mini bottles.. heres the mani I made using the allue polish... the striping tape I used here are came from Andrea Evil Angel thank u so much sweety!! ..

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!
Polish used:
allue electric pink
allue blue rebel
allue green session
sansan tropical lime
black striping tape 

I freehand the stripes using a striping brush  and 
put a black striping tape over it and then a top coat

here are some other allue color polishes (L-R)
Pumpin Purple, green session, neon purple, blue rebel, electric pink

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi Ladies!! I like to share my contribution on Polish Hoarder Disorder weekly challenge check out other fabulous entries HERE on this 2 mani  I used the illusion effect that I got from The Hungry Asian (Kae) from her Illamasqua Nail art contest entry.. thanks Kae for the idea, I love the idea and try it on my vampy nails... I hope u like it.. thanks for looking!! happy polishing!! have a great weekend everyone!!

If I were a vampire I want my nails shape to be like this...
what about u? what nail shape u would like if U were a Vampire?

how did I do it?
I freehand the nail tip in black and used a black background to make the illusion
vampy nails illusion