Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sticks & Stones and Random nail arts

HI everyone.. just a quick post.I am so very busy this past few weeks aside from taking care of all my new accnt. coz my old email  was hacked... anyways.. just like to share some of my random nail art designs that I made...

Sticks & stones with Justnail nail art colors as a base..
u can get this fabulous polish at NINJA POLISH also they our exclusive FUN ip re-seller in USA
they are also selling other image plates & XL check them out!!

 Justnail nail art colors are water base 
they are so easy to use coz it has a striping brush on it


using fab sp charcoal 
fauxnad S8

Franken " Cupcake sprinkle"
These was my Birthday nail art design for my very dear friend HELI & SARAH
I am too busy this past few weeks so I wasn't able to post it on time...

the Happy birthday greetings is from a fauxnad XL K
it really gave me a hard time to pick up the designs from the plates coz the engrave was too thin
but anyways, after numerous attempts of getting the designs finally I manage to get a full design and stamped well on my nails. 

franken " cup cake sprinkle"
its a white jelly base with a multi colored glitters with different shapes & sizes.

 zoom in bottle photo shot

Duo chrome zebra
franken polish multi chrome (blue/purple/pink)
fab sp black
fauxnad S8 (7cm)
OPI onyx

Cult nails " In a trance"

Cult Nails " In a Trance"
a golden oilive
easy to apply
opaque in 2 coats

Cult Nails " Toxic seaweeds"
a dark green jelly with micro glitters and orange flakies

I applied 3 thin coats in this photo

Klean color military green
fun2 ip
fab sp mango shake, bubble blue, cotton candy, avocado green

a  dark rich green cream 
2 coats

this was inspired by one of my friend name she used on FB "Ipinky cat"
materials used:
Orly wild wisteria as a base
FUN2 ip
HB 37
fab sp milk shake, cotton candy, avocado green, bubble blue

Orly wisteria from Bloom  collection 2010
it's a cream dark purple but not so dark and doesn't look black
2 coats
i got this from Polished intheCity a local online seller from FB
my experience with the seller is OK got a smooth transaction but I am very surprised when I got my polish bottle with no bubble wrap it's just inside in an Orly box.. I just so lucky that my any of my polishes were not damage.. XD

"Tweet tweet"
free hand..
using oumaxi acrylic paint