Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday nails...

Hi everyone.. Just a quick post for my Christmas nails mani..and some of my previous nail art that i made.. this would be the last photo picture of my long nails.. coz i had a broken nails a few days ago and really cant find things to fix it.. but anyways, I think it would be great as new year is coming soon.." new year for new nails"..  I will be MIA for while for i'll be out of town & will take a short vacation with my family..I will be back soon.. i'll be missing u.. and i promise to create new designs on my short nails... ;)

Hanukkah nails 

"Hapon" (Japanese)
I really dont like this mani.. LOL my nails look so thick
and it's because I got 5 layers of polish in here plus top coat!!
but i really love it for its an Asian accent..

2nd place winning entry from
 Rock Nail art contest by Kelly

and heres the new length of my nails...
"Christmas nails 2010"

"May this Yuletide season usher in LOVE, PEACE and Hope..
May we learn not to focus ourselves in knowing
 what we want and how to get it, 
but knowing what we have and how to share it..
A blessed and Merry Christmas  
Happy New year everyone!! ;)

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!
"Thank u my Lovelies for following my blog"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

KONAD New Image Plates

Hi ladies.. while browsing and reading some new post on my FB.. I read a  post about New Konad Plates on OC Nail Art Fan page it was posted by Isabel Fuchs  who's also made great stamping nail art design.. Isabel found the blog post from

this 2 new image plates will be release on January 2011.. I hope Konad would came up with more full nail designs and hope they will create a disney image plates... I love this 2 new image plate and can't wait to have them..
anyways, have u heard about this new konad plates?? share ur thoughts for this new konad plates...
thats all for today.. thanks for looking happy polishing..

U can read the full article here:  KONAD IMAGE PLATES M82 & M83

CHECK OUT OC NAIL ART FAN PAGE on FB for the actual Image plate photos

heres the new konad plate photos

Konad M83

Check out  NAIL ART WORLD and vote for ur favorite Flower nail art entry.. 
Just use the voting poll  on the right side bar on the page Click here to VOTE

Just hit entry #2 if u like my design.. thanks  XD

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flower Power!

Hi ladies just a quick post..this week for I have so many Christmas party to attend & so busy on wrapping of Christmas gifts..and on next week I was invited to do some nail art on a company's Christmas party.. I will have a small boot for nail arts and I'm so excited and a bit nervous for it's my first time to make a nail art design on  other people's nails.. XD

anyways.. here's my Nail art entry for NAIL ART WORLD.. pls. vote for me.. just hit the ENTRY #2 on the right side voting poll bar of the page.. thank u so much!! Click here to VOTE

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing everyone!!

polishes & image plates used:
for base polish I used the one stroke fading technique
and used Konad Ip M53 & M54 
for polish stamping I used Guppy #17, Inglot  blurple matte and I just added some dots using Etude house pearlish white and just added a konad top coat..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pedi and Konad Gradient effect Tutorial

Hi Ladies I like to share my Fall pedicure entries for OC Nail Art Fall Pedicure contest...the rules is to use Only konad products... check out OC Nail art Fan page on FB (click here) they have a now have gift certificates available and for a limited time offer they are 30% off. How can you simply pass up that deal?? ;-) 

"2010 Fall Pedicure entries"
polish used:
OPI Bogota Blackberry
konad special polish dark orange, yellow, gold & black
image plate used: Konad M56
stripping brush
konad sponge kit
**UPDATE I won the 3rd place on OCnail art Pedi contest

polishes used:
konad Shinning Wine
konad special polish apple green, yellow, dark orange

image plates used:
konad M54
Konad M81

heres a simple tutorial for 2 colors stamping
 (u can click the photo to see the full size)

Gradient effect stamping
(u can click the photo to see the full size)
tips** its much better if u do not clean the scraper after every polish u scraped it would help to make the design to give more gradient effect
U can put 2 or more polish all u have to do is to  scrape FAST "twice" the polishes..
stamping nail art is so easy to do U just need a little speed when doing this stamping nail art... 
thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone... XD

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi ladies.. first of all I want to thank  SONNE  for I was in her Top 6 nail art blogger favorite.. go check out her blog and see fab nail art & stuffs..thank u so much xoxo..

Just like to share with u some of my random stuffs I got this past few weeks.. but before that let me share to my NOTD using the Pre-cut water slide decals

here's one of my fave pre-cut water slide decal design
u can purchase it here via email

I received my prize from Tartofraises "autumn nail art contest 2010"
thank u so much Tarto.. Ü 

crackling polish from

Makeup & polish mania package from Anastacia 
got so much stuffs from Korea..
thanks V3 LVe all the polishes & stuffs XD

cutex hauls 

 fantasy makers
"Black pearl & red devil" 
Thanks Tita!

DIFF nail polish these polishes are locally available is some places here in the Philippines
but I haven't seen this kind of polish here in Manila so I made a lil swap from my friend to have & try this polish..and this polish is made in Thailand.. thanks Eina!! XD

I have some nail & cuticle cream.. I love the lush cuticle cream but it's always out of stock in the Lush store.. while hunting some polish stuffs I saw this product on a local department store here in the metro so I grab this sally hansen strengthening nail cream  for me to try on..have u try this product? what's ur favorite cuticle or nail cream?
thats all for today.. thanks for looking!!
happy polishing everyone!! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daring and innocent

Hi ladies.. just a very quick post for NOTD..

thanks for looking & happy polishing!!

polish used:
claire's mood polish daring & innocent
guppy #17
konad special polish blue pearl
water slide decals

image plates used:
konad m73
konad M78

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi Ladies.. let's take a look at all the fabulous entries for this week's FAB NAIL ARTS (FNA) weekly nail theme challenge "WATER MARBLE".. thanks a lot Lovelies! U did a very great job..all are AMAZING.. thank u for participating on our weekly challenge.. Here's all the Fab Art entries of the week, in alphabetical their name to check their blog/FB link..thats all for today!! thank u ladies for participating on our weekly challenge..

thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone!!


here's my entries... these are my past water marbling nails

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pre-cut water slide decals

Hi Ladies I just like to share my NOTD I used the pre-cut water slide decals.. this is so easy to use u'll just  choose the correct size pattern for ur nails and just add top coat and ur done.. so easy and not so time consuming...i'll try to make a tutorial on how to apply this decals soon.. 
thats all for today my lovelies!

thanks for looking..
happy polishing!!

here are some of my water decals..
thanks to LDO for sending those decals for me to try on..
these decals are locally available in Manila and 
the seller has an ebay accnt. and accept paypal..
if u're interested  to buy this product u can email her 
for the FB link..