Monday, May 24, 2010


I ladies!! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! I made another nail art entry it was hosted by Daph from NAIL SWATCHES please visit her site and please VOTE for ME.. click HERE to VOTE!!
on this mani I used sponge and multi layered technique..

polishes used:
elianto turquoise
konad sp green
caronis white satin
global color glitter
konad sp yellow
konad sp black

image plates used:
konad M9

heres my nail art Animal theme entry
thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! XoXo!


HI Ladies!! Just a very quick post... I made an entry for spring nail art contest at THE LACQUER FILES please visit her site and Vote for ur fave spring mani.. the voting is open until May 31, 2010.. click HERE to VOTE

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! xoxo!!

heres the entry that I made
I did a sponge technique and multi layering stamping on this mani

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over Joy Manila Haulz

hi everyone!!! I am sefely arrived in Manila, and been very busy that's why I haven't post for the past few days... anyways, I just like to share with u what polishes I got from my home town...

and ohhh an old mani from the vault i called this mani "OVER JOY" I used joy polishes on this mani.. they're mini polish and has a great quality.. I just hope they have a large bottle polish of was Maestra gift on me..

Dear Darling line

petite line


Saturday, May 15, 2010


HI LADIES!! I'm done on packing up all our things and ready to leave the desert city of Abu's my last day today and I made it very memorable together with my hubby and Cheska...we had great time in our favorite Park.. Tomorrow Im goin back to my home town Manila.. I hope to have a safe trip and heres Ilike to share what my KOTD... I just used OPI black onyx and China glaze emotion and konad image plates m70 for konading..

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing! xoxo

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Square It Up!!

Hi Ladies... just a very quick post for my KOTD... Im almost done with packing up are things and ready to leave on Saturday.. here's a simple KOTD that I made and I hope u like..!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! XoXo!!
aics #22 a frosted cherry red
I used image plate konad M63 for the nail tips design and
China glaze 2030 for stamping and dots then added

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miso Happy With this color Emotion

hi Ladies!!Just a very quick post.. I like to share my special mani for today's mothers day!! I choose a light pink shade of OPI MIso happy with this color for nail tips and a light purple holo as a base and stamped over a rose pattern from konad M65 using china glaze emotion and added a gold accent lining on the tips..



thanks for looking!!
happy polish!! xoxo!!

full mani

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ruby Vamp

Hi Ladies!! I love vampy colors coz it really flatter my skin tone and so I made a franken out of my fave china glaze ruby pumps polish and made it a bit vampy...and ofcourse I added some nail art stamping... that's it for today!! have a great weekend!!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!! XOXO!!

ruby pumps
opu black onyx
sally hansen cherry red
glabal blue glitters/flakies
I used image plate Fauxnad H22(chez-delaney)
pibk striping tape
china glaze "Emotion" for stamping

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweetest EviL AngeL

Hi Ladies!! I still have a hang over from the package that Andrea send for me..I got her package 2 days ago, She's really good in surprising people..waaaaaaaaaa!! I got most of my polish lemming...weeeeeeeeeee!! thank u so much Andrea!! Let me share to u what Andrea send me and mani that I made...

From all the goodies that she send me I tried the claire's mood polish daring/innocent this is my very first grey color polish and I got some doubt if this color will suit on my skin tone and I am surprised coz I think this color is fabulous for my skin tone!! and what then I put the awesome striping tape she send me!! it's my first time to see this kind of striping tape with a pattern and I am so amazed and I love it so much..Again.. THANK U SO MUCH ANDREA!! U'RE THE SWEETEST EVIL ANGEL.. XOXO!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

claires daring/innocent

here's the goodies...I got my glow in the dark polish!! wooooooott!! woooooott! most of the china glaze polish are holos (gr8, fyi, LOL) and from Romantique collection (harmony, passion, adore) which they said it's good for konading, I got also some color club babies (fashion addict, Ms. Socialite, rule breaker),I got some nail foils, stripping tape, nail decals and one thing is freaking me out!! I GOT A blue flakies that's good for franken!! weeeeeee!! Andrea, also send me 2 mood polish...My heart is filled with happiness every time I opened her package and found some surprising stuffs!! Like, Chg Flying Dragon, Metallic muse, also I got my very first Creative polish Burgundy foil which is also good in konading and of course my LiL Cheska is also happy for she have some lollipops,
more goodies of Evil Angel
China glaze Angels
color club babies

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Jungle

HI Ladies!! I'm so happy that u like my past pink konadicure, and I'm still looking for some mani that will inspires me and give me some great idea that I can remake or share with u!!
And I want to share something meaningful quote that I had learned from Lisa (GLAMMED UP)

"The mark of a true artist is being able to inspire the work of another."
thanks so much Lisa..

anyways, Just a quick post for my fauxnadicure of the day.. Im wearing essence show ur feet "in the jungle" polish this was included at Maestra's package for me! This polish is supposed to be for pedi but then I much love to use it for my mani and it's pretty green for me and I love the brush, In The Jungle is a medium jade dark green, Maestra made a great comparison of this with OPI New jade on the Black (click here) I think this is a must have for some green polish lovers!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! XOXO!!

Essence show ur feet
polishes used:
konad sp yellow
essence ITJ
image plate used:
Fauxnad H22


Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Another Inspired Mani

hey everyone!! Though I'm too busy in packing up our things out and cleaning and cleaning I got to manage to made an inspired nails... I always love every time I found some gorgeous mani with different stroke and would love to try them on my today I made a 3D look and layered mani.. I got the idea from Konad gallery and from Lisa Glammed up when I saw her under the sea theme I fell in love with her creation..I just hope Lisa wouldn't mind if I copy the layering idea she got from her under the sea theme mani, and I really love to used the layering stroke, I love how the simple stamping turned to 3D effect.. its more colorful and I think more stunning IRL..hehehe! If u like to try a 3D stroke, Choose a pattern that has space for u to fill in the colors.. gillter/foil/cream polishes are easy to use in filling up some open space of the pattern...
I forgot to take some photos of the polishes that I used.. what do u think?? Do u like to try a layering and 3D stroke on ur stamping design or u like to stock with ur simple plain konading??

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! XoXo!!
Full mani
artificial light