Monday, January 31, 2011

I'M BACK!! with my Short babies

Hello My lovelies!! Finally Im back from a my Holiday Vacation with my family.. I really had a great time & really had so much fun.. I know I miss a lot of things & post on the blogging world.. anyways I have a very short nails now I;ve got a broken nails while doing a general cleaning of our house.. anyways, I was challenged to make a design for short nails..and for me it more challenging to create a design for short nails.. I like to share some of my previous mani with my short short nails..LOL!! hope u like it..thats all for today!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

I love this mani so much.. for its so bling bling IRL..I dont put any top coat on it for I know top coat will make the nail foil wrinkle and will make my nail foil looks so dull  and so this mani only last for 2 there any top coat u would recommend to me that are great top coat for nail foil?

materials used:
holo nail foil
fab sp "charcoal"

Crack polish is really booming in the nails society nowadays, theres a lot of polish brand were releasing the crack polish and I really love the effect of this polish.. I've got my very first crack polish from TD 2 yrs. ago and I love it but that kind of crack polish is so hard to remove..
on this mani I used X &D cracking polish (1 coat ) & glitter gold polish (2 coats) and then I added an acrylic mickey mouse 3D using the 3D Mold  and  Swarovski rhinestone on my ring finger.. and added top coat... I saw a lot of mani using the OPI Black Shatter.. does this crack polish don't easily chip? coz I think crack polish are easily chips on nails.. pls. let me know ur opinion on this OPI black Shatter..