Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty Blends "Eco Gel soak off gel polish"

Hi ladies.. I just like to share my very most memorable experience from a seminar training that was held last February from BEAUTY BLENDS Incit was my first seminar training about nails.. the seminar is all about the Eco soak off gel polish.. as we all know soak off polishes are in a new trend now and many brands & colors are created for the soak off polishes.. these so called "soak off polish" promised to have a long wearing nail color for more than 3 weeks, they're non yellowing, and can be use for natural nails.. I think this kind of gel polish are great for busy mom or busy woman who doesn't have enough time to go in a salon.. a French manicure is also great.. I always wanted to have a long wearing french manicure but mostly whenever i do french mani it only last for 3 it's really great to try this soak off polishes XD here are some of the photos from the seminar training.. I will update this post as soon as i finish my review on soak off gel polish... happy polishing everyone..

I'm with Ms. Jacquline Yeung

Speaker and Trainer of Asia Spa & Education Consultant of Star Nail International USA
shes a Multi awarded Master nail educator..

Its really a great experience to learned something new & trained by nail Pros..

"A good nail technician care about ur nails.." - Jacqueline Yeung

Beauty blends Philippines Inc. 
Eco Soak off Gel Nail System Training 

Beauty blends Philippines Inc. 

Eco Soak off Gel Nail System Training 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi Lovelies!! just a quick post for some of my past manicures.. hope u like it.. thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone..

OPI shutter & nabi polishes
(I'm wearing gel nails on this photo)

Nfu Oh #64

NFU OH #59 & XL Plate A with China glaze OMG

NFU OH #59 & XL Plate A with China glaze OMG

RBL NO more war

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Military Green

Hi Ladies... I'm so busy this past few I have no chance to make a post.. anyways, just a quick post..

this polish is a mix of green and brown, it's looks darker when ur in outdoor
the application is a bit sticky on first coat but its easy on the 2nd coat.. 
I wish this polish really capture the color in the bottle.. 
I got this polish gift from Lily (thanks sweety!)

Eyeko Military Green 

to my local PH readers, 
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polishes used:
eyeko military green
konad sp green apple
2 way nail art pen silver

image plates used:
konad M03
BM 12