Thursday, September 15, 2011

FUN image plates

hi everyone.. I know I'm lack of blog post this past few weeks.. I am very busy on my nail training, some nail event and mostly on our customized plates.. we've been working this out for more than 6 months and creating an own image plates are not so easy we've done lot of trail and error and editing blahh.. blahh.. and so now all our hard works are done we finally made an image plates of our own..we dedicate this image plate for our fab ur nails group members on FB who shared there ideas and suggestions on what image design they want to have...

I always love the stamping nail art though to others they dont consider stamping nail art as an ART.. I respect their opinion and for me its an ART.. a masterpiece where u gathered different designs, colors and put in a small canvas and create a masterpiece.. I've been doing nail art stamping for more than 5 yrs now.. I love to collect image plates..I have a complete set of KONAD image plates, A,D,H,P,S,T, HB, XL plates,BM ip also have some faunad plates that are locally available here in PH...and as one of my dream is to have an image plate of my own me and my friends came up to a project to create our own image plates that would be locally available to our dear FUNKZ..on this post I will share some photos of the image designs that we came up with..

I would like to acknowledge KATE and SARAH on their blog post about on our FUN image plates pls visit and follow their blog for their upcoming giveaway and for their fabulous nail art creations.. xoxo

as a requested most people asking me where do I get my image plates here are some sites where u can buy ur image plates these were the site where they gave me high satisfaction on their image plates  just click the LINK below:

 kokeshi doll

mickey mouse 


"smurfs" by Annie Countryman

"metal" by Annie Countryman

"reggae" by Annie Countryman


 here's the FUN ip we came up

here's the stamping swatches
as of now our on hand FUN ip is already out of stock new stocks will arrive in 1-2 weeks from now
for those who are interested to get the FUN ip u can check our FB online shop "FUN""
we ship International and we accept payment via paypal