Saturday, November 21, 2009


HI there everyone...i just wanna share my NOTD...and i called it HOLIDAY NAILS... next week its holiday here in UAE yay!! so we will go to Dubai and I'll try my luck to find some new polish or other nail art stuffs and oh Im so surprised when i checked Barbara blog site (POLISH-LOUNGE) I WON on her autumn nail art contest...weeeeeeeee... thank u so much to all who voted me and also i wanna thank Barbara for having this contest...she is very nice plus u would love all her nail art and swatches so check her blog site for more nail arts and swatches...As what i've told on my last blog if ever i will win on the contest i will donate the prize in the "nail art for a cause" the prize is not for my own use coz i already have those kind of image plates plus i think this is the best way i can help other people...i will also donate some of my polish that i left in Manila..oh well i think its much better way for me to do than just to stock my polishes on my cabinet...again thank u so much!!

so heres my NOTD.. what can u say about my NOTD? do u like it?? or this is boring? ;))

opppsss... btw also check Christy (kroniclesofakonader)blog site she has an awesome give aways!!! (click here)

Painted Tips also having her giveaway (click here)

Amarena 100+ giveaways!! (click here)

have a great weekend!!! happy polishing and keep ur nails healthy!!! xoxo!!

i dont put any base polish so u can see i have a yellowish nails.. weeeeeee...
i just hope there's really a great product that would prevent yellowing nails..

konad sp "green"
konad sp "red"
guppy "#27 white"
sally hansen manicure pen
small silver beeds
dotting tool

Image plate:

fauxnad B 89

here's my autumn nail art entry.. again thank u all!!


salla said...

Beautiful holiday nails, I have to try something like this closer to Christmas.

I hope you'll find something nice from Dubai. I'm going there in a few weeks too and I'm really curious what I'll find in there :D

chocaddict said...

congrats on winnning the contest!
I love that holiday konadicure, it looks fabulous :)
I had really yellowish nails too and two soaking a week for two weeks with denture tablets solved the problem ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Thriszha~ ^^/
forgive me to talk with you here so late, i read your blog but didn't comment before..
i like your holiday nail, it's very simlpe yet lady,and it does make me feel holiday though! hehe..

DinaXYYan said...

Love those beautiful nails!!

Thanks for entering my giveaway by the way :) Good luck!

Paige said...

That is a beautiful holiday mani!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I soooo need a Konad. I've been putting off, but the time for waiting is over.

Anonymous said...

I love your holiday mani! That's gorgeous!! I am so glad you won the competition with the autumn nails! They were stunning :) Great post xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi Thriszha! Your NOTDs are simply gorgeous. :) I can see why you won that autumn nail art contest. Congrats!

And thank you for joining my giveaway! Good luck :D

Anonymous said...

you have the most beautiful nails I have ever seen and your manicures are always so pretty! you are very talented!

awesomevegan said...


Katjamaria said...

Congratulations, you certainly deserved to win the amazing prize! :)

Camy said...

That's very beautiful!

Tuli said...

Congratulations sweety, you sure deserve it ! Both your designs are stunning !!! You are so talented and I just love see all your ideas :-)

Lumin0us said...

WOOOT!!!! CONGRATS!!!!*********************
*throws confetti!*

love the holiday nails!!!!!

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

Congratz sis.. your nail looks great on ur holiday polish... =)

Unknown said...

I love it, you have such tremendous skills! I need to to come paint something fun on my claws....I would let you go completely wild! :)

Lucy said...

Love all of your different nail designs. Especially love the ponsiettia tips. Your Fall leaves is amazing.

Emy et vanille said...

J'adore cette déco. Magnifique