Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi there ladies.. i just wanna share my autumn nail art entry for POLISH-LOUNGIE autumns nail art contest... check her blog and join the contest.. she has a very great prize!!

In the Philippines we don't have autumn season or winter season.. we only have 2 seasons which are the wet & dry season... here's my autumn nail art theme that i made.. what do u think about my work? do u really think its really autumn nails? have a great sunday!! happy polishing!! xoxo

Polishes used:
jesse paris "silver"
OPI romeo and Joliet
my own franken polish "bronze"
konad sp "yellow"
stamp polish "orange"
franken polish "pearl white"

image plates used:
konad m51
konad m31
amisy D03 (fauxnad)


Paige said...

That is a lovely mani, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely looks like my favourite season. I think this mani is beautiful xx

KONADomania said...

wow, beautiful mani! good luck too:)

Ethnimad said...

Fall shows on your nails, it's wonderful what you did!

Tuli said...

This is a perfect design for Autumn season ! I love the combination you did with the colors and images, it turned out amazing :-)

Jodes said...

You've done a great job! Looks lovely


Camy said...

That's so lovely!

chocaddict said...

you did a great representation of fall :)
where do you buy the amisy fauxnad plates from? you always make such cool manis with those ^_^

nihrida said...

Wonderful manicure! It sure does look like autumn. Good luck on the contest!

Lumin0us said...

Your manis always make me want a konad set soooooo bad! It's amazing what you do with it!:P
Perfect konading as always! I'm always waiting for your next mani!^^
Perfect as always, sweetie! Perfect colors, perfect design choice and perfect stamping!
They make me stare at the pictures for a long, long time!
I think you got that prize comming your way already!

serena_nuvola said...

WOW!!! wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trincess said...

This is truly stunning! Aww I love it, look at the colors! =)

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty . love the colors

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous!

Paige said...

If changing the url didn't work; you will need to unfollow the old url and follow the new one, others have had to do this as well!

-Aline F.Vieira said...

very very honey
Follow me if you want=D
I'm follow your blog

awesomevegan said...

Very pretty! I still haven't entered it yet. I will have to look into that. :)

ThRiSzHa said...

thank so much to all ur sweet comments ladies..wish me luck!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! HAPPY POLISHING!!

Sakura said...

just perfect! color, patterns, and your nails beautiful:)

Lucy said...

Your nails look beautiful. Fall is just dripping off your fingers.