Monday, November 9, 2009

some swatches & blog award

hi there ladies... i would like to say thank u to all of u who greeted my hubby a happy b-day and thank u for all ur comments...though im not too specific or too talkative to some of my post u still leave a comment on my page and im really glad that im not only talking to myself every time i post a blog.. lol.. i just hope i share and give some idea for ur konadicure...

"rimmel rapid ruby"
this is my first own rimmel polish...
NUBAR Toga Purple
my fave nubar nail polish
i wish i can show u the rainbow micro shimmer on the pic
i took a lot of pic on this but i cant show yah...

i have been tagged again.. yay!! i was tagged by sweety NHIRIDA, SUBFLAVA, CHOCADDICT , SAKURA & JUICY-NAILS.. oh i would like to say thank u so much for tagging me.. PLEASE VISIT THEIR FAB BLOG SITE...
this is not my first time to be tagged by someone..but this is my first time to do a tagged i'll it give a try..

i wanna say thank u to all FABULOUS BLOGGERS who tagged me..

here's the 7 facts about me

1. im a chocolate & ice cream lover

2. i met my hubby through internet chat (mirc chatroom (Manila Channel) does anyone knows what im talking about? this was the chat trends before the yahoo chat came was 8yrs. ago there's no web cam available yet on that time.. me & my hubby get married on our 4th yr. anniversary & we've been together for 7 yrs.)

3. i have 125 pcs. of image plates.. 40 of them were konads then the rest is fauxnad (Ohh.. i got only 122 now..coz i send the 3pcs to Nhirida)

4. i have a lower back tattoo its a tribal butterfly

5. i don't do nail art or put a polish when my nails are too short i want my nails naked when its short..

6. i was a cheerleader when i was in HS & a lead vocalist of a band

7. i much like a dog pet than a cat... ( i have 3 shitzhu small breed dog with long hairs, pug (MIB dog),2 rottweillers and a German sheperd) though i want to bring them here in Abu Dhabi i just leave them in Manila with their own
ohh i miss them so much...
though i like much dog than a cat..but i much love garfield than the

i tagged all my FAB followers & all the blogs i follow..u are all kreative in ur own special way!!



Sugar said...

That purple nail polish is amazing! :)

Paige said...

Those swatches are great; I wish that I was brave enough to get a tattoo!
Just so you know, I changed the url to my blog (Naive Nails) a few days ago and everyone stopped getting my posts and blogrolls no longer updated my blog. The new url is :)

Sakura said...

Hi hi I tagg you too :D

chocaddict said...

I'm a purple lover so what can I say but that Toga purple looks awesome?! ^_^

OMG I remember the IRC chatrooms, seems like it was in another life, things change so fast (oh dear, I do sound like an old bore, don't I?)

Shayla said...

I love your nails! How do you get them so long without them breaking and/or misforming?

Anonymous said...

wow 122 image plates! where do you get them all from? i'm in awe

ThRiSzHa said...

@ anonymous- i got 40 pcs. konad image plates.. then my fauxnad plates some i got from a swaps & the others i bought it in Manila..i used to sell some fauxnad plate online before i move here in abu dhabi

@ shayla -im using a nail growth stimulator (kiss maximum growth)& a nail hardener ( OPI start to finish)

@ chocaddict-im glad im not the only one who can recall the iRC chat...

@ sakura- thanks sweety for the tagged!!

@ gildedangel- thank so much! my tattoo was 3 yrs old. =D thanks for updating me about ur new URL anyways.. i already edit the link to ur page..

@ sugar - thanks for the comment!!

Lucy said...

I just got my first Rimmel polishes. My girlfriend found them for me on the clearance rack. So that was even better. I love that shade on you. Your nails are really beautiful and I like the shape of them.

Kae said...

Your nails have gotten so long they are gorgeous! I envy your plate collection lol :)

Anonymous said...

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