Sunday, October 4, 2009


hi there ladies... how's ur weekend so far? just a quick post..ohhh.. i got some holo polish & other nail art stuffs from a Daiso Japanese Store here in Abu Dhabi...they're not selling only beauty stuff but also for home decoration, kitchen tools, ect. im so excited to swatch my new holo & made a NOTD...thanks for reading... have a great sunday!! xoxo
i used polish #13 & konad sp "violet" & faunad amisy plate "E03"

konad M63 & A rainbow #13
the polish brand name is "A rainbow polish"
they dont have names only number =)
(L-R) #23, #9, #13, #3
(L-R) #23 (silver) #9 (light mocha), #13 (bluish gray), #3 (light pink)

i got some heart rhinetones, fiber top coat (fast drying)
pearl beads & builon cords, false nails, nail dry up spray (quick dry spray)


Susan said...

Wow, so lovely! Your application is wonderful and these colors are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!


MightyLambchop said...

Awesome haul, girl! Your nails are beautiful. Love the colors you chose.

Hygea said...

Hi Triszha.
I'm from Chile.
I do not have Japanese nail polish, I am nail polish from Chile and other brands like colorama, avon.
In my country find most brands of nail polish from China.You know yudanak nail polish?
Which Japanese brand do you know?
See you....

Hygea said...

hahaah, i did not see it, the name es rainbow polish

nihrida said...

Your nails are pure perfection! And i love these konadicures. They are both very pretty, but I think I prefer the first one. :) Gorgeous!

Paige said...

These are super cute!

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Very pretty. You have lots of nice things to play with.

Amarena said...

Wooow! they look good! The holo polishes really make magic:)

Maestra said...

Love your manicures.

In case you missed it - I tagged you for “7 Choses” Tag. :)

Polish y Mas said...

Hi I loved the holo polishes, can you tell me where can I buy it??? I live in L.A, CA... I really appreciate your time and hope I can find it!!! Thank you!

shortwidenails said...

I was wondering do these holo nail polishes work for konad like the OMG china glaze collection>?