Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hi Ladies..just a quick post for my KOTD..THANKS for all of those who gave comments on my last post!! I'm feeling better now but still have some colds but im ok, this P2 polish is given to me by Chocaddict.. this polish is so gorgeous P2 Dangerous is a teal..I love this color so much, On this mani I used the Konad m62 plate. do u like it?

P.S. @ SAORI - pls. leave a comment of ur blog site link, so i can put it in my blog roll list!!thanks!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing! XoXO!!

polish used:
P2 dangerous
tips and toes "silver"
image plate used:
Konad M62


Liana said...

Of course I like it!!!!

nihrida said...

I agree with you, Dangerous is a gorgeous color. And I love your konadicure!

Flavia said...

It's a lovely teal on gorgeous nails, what's not to like? ;)

P.s.: If you want to add my blog it's similaraddiction.blogspot.com

2espresso said...


I love your nails, they're really perfect!


Saori said...

Hey you,
This basic color is special but with this one you are not like everybody ha ha.
please find below my blog link :
It's an honour for me to be in your blogroll :-))))

Ayuu said...

Cute mani !
I love the base polish colour, it's gorgeous !

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I love that color on you

susies1955 said...

Really pretty color and Konading is great.
I have a head cold too. YUCK.
Here is my blog link:

ainos2 said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Having the flu is just awful.

Anyway, this color look fabulous on you, and I love the images you used.

Ps- On the 22nd of this month I get my taxes done. I'm hoping to get a nice refund check this year.
There are 12 plates I'd like to order from that German site. If you're still interested in some swapping, I'll probably do an order sometime in April.

Romika said...

Good for you that you are feeling some better again.
Again a gorgeous mani.....I know it sounds the same everytime but it is the truth! I think your nails are perfect. And the konad I do like so much.....

ThRiSzHa said...

thanks Ladies.. i really like this color..oh oh.. i have a fever today.. i dont know what's goin with me my fever is on and off =(

glitterM said...

This is awesome. I love how the two designs go together, and your nails are long enough to fit them both in a beautiful way!

gildedangel said...

Wow, that is so pretty!