Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi Ladies!! just a quick post for my NOTD.. I Don't know what's happening with me, early this morning I'm not really feeling well and I got a high fever and I'm chilling...I'm really hoping that i would be feelin so good If after 2 days I'm still sick I would go visit a doctor coz I hate it when I'm sick (who does anyway!!)

on this mani I used OPI You Don't Know jacques and for stamping i used china glaze millennium for millennium flamingo pattern of fauxnad H30 (chez-delaney) and i'm done...

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! xoxo



Anonymous said...

glue and silk wrap? thats what I would do. it looks painful :( the mani is beautiful

Lissi said...

You can try a silk wrap! I had to do one on my thumb last week and it's been holding out fairly well.

"Black Nail Polish & Lip Gloss" has a great tutorial on how to do one.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

try using nail clue on the cracked nail. Then file it down so its smooth.

They have this stuff at the nail supply store.. its called IBD. they have glue and strengthening powder kit for cracks. it works great until it grows out!

Anonymous said...

Looks great on you, my bottle of You Don't Know Jacques is half empty, I love it!

tigrazza said...

Hi :>
I don't have nails as long as yours, but I'd carefully file the broken one *after* this little operation: in your case, the broken side of the nail is too much near the base of the nail, so you can only put a silk wrap (or a tiny square of bag tea, this is what I always use, as I don't know where to buy these wraps) OVER the break, with a drop of nail glue; with a tweezer, carefully place and cover the break with the wrap or the tea bag paper, then add some more drops, if necessary (until the wrap is soaked).
Then, let it completely dry without touching it, then you can file the nail.
Filing it will prevent a painful tear, and you will always have a nail to polish, even if it will be shorter than the others - until it will grow again.
Hope it's all clear, but you can find many tutorials on this method on the net :>

2espresso said...

Oh, get well soon!

Exactly this happened to my left thumb in december :/ The surface that was broken across the nail was quite big, so I could apply a lot of glue there, on and under the nail and it lasted 100% securely until it grew out a week ago, phew.

Maybe the glue + tiny piece of glue soaked teabag trick will do it?
I heard it was great, but haven't broken a nail since hearing of it.. ;)

Tassa said...

Your mani looks really great! :)
I hope you will be better soon.
About broken nail I don't have any idea. Sorry.

Plaz^ said...

You can fix your nail with some super glue and a little piece of "fabric" from a tea bag.

sai said...

how abt orly Nail rescue kit?

nihrida said...

Thriszha, don't be childish and go to the doctor. If I were in the same position as you, you would have told me the same! =) The sooner you go, the sooner you'll be all well.

Love this mani. I'm used to seeing manicures that are really rich with decorations and patterns on your nails. But this is a nice change! I love it!

Tamara said...

Yes! Silk wraps! Kiss has them... but they aren't cheap.. but are worth trying!

Saori said...

Hi, I hope you feel better ??? I love YDKJ, I have it lacqued & suede hi hi.
For your nail, I have a breken nail for 3 weeks but it's always here !! I used a peggy sage kit otherwise Orly nail rescue seems very good but I have to buy it !!
Take care of you.

Tânia said...


I'm so sorry for your nail.

I love that color, is so chic.

check this video, it will help you (I hope):


me said...

I know how to fix that... check out this other bloggers tutorial. :D She's super nice, so she'd walk you through it if necessary. :D

Nikki Warner said...

Try this:

Gives a nice tutorial on using a silk wrap and saw some comments where people used paper towels in a pinch so it can grow it out.

Good Luck!

jo.frougal said...

Aw, that looks painful! Sorry can't help you with that. Sharing with you a little smile across cyber-space, instead.

ThRiSzHa said...

thank u so much Ladies to all ur suggestion.. I will try silk wrap or tea bag paper.. sending u my HUGS to each and everyone..

@ nhirida.. yah right just for a change i need to minimize my nail designs sometimes and i think its great... xoxo

FitterTwit said...

Here's a video for the tea bag method... the video shows using just a clear topcoat, but I usually use nail repair from Nail Aid and then top it with a clear topcoat. It adds extra strength. Here you go.. hope it helps!

gildedangel said...

Very cute!!!