Thursday, February 11, 2010

RANDOMS + funky french + fauxnad plates

HI LADIES.. i just wanna another funky french NOTD.. some photos of my fauxnad plates...and gift from some other lovely blogger...yay!!

♥happy polishing!! xoxo ♥

polish used:
kleancolor i really dont know whats the color of it..
it doesn't have a name on the bottle =(
the color is bright pink
konad sp "black"

image plate used
Fauxnad H23 (chez-delaney)

this was Lovely Nhirida send for me
she's so generous for sending all o this..
wow...i can't say how much i love all of this..i got my first sinful color polish( green flakies), she also send me her own franken polish thats really sweet and ofcourse she also send me some nail foil plus adhesive..LOL!! most of all she send me the Loreal Star magnet.. i havent try this but i will soon..
again thanks so much..xoxo

i got another package from Loungie this time its from our swap..yay!!! Loungie send me
6 fauxnad plates:
she also gave me BB couture (matte finish), fairwind nail polish (Flamingo), santee (fuchsia glitter), nyx girl polish (cafe atte) wow!! thats so sweet...again, thank u so much Loungie..

got my 60 pcs. fauxnad plates..hehehe...
some plates are repeated and got my first nail art brush and fruit fimo..


ainos2 said...

My eyes are as big as saucers...just LOOK at all that plate!!! are going to be stamping in your sleep!

Gorgeous mani~

susies1955 said...

Oh my goodness. I have never seen so many plates in my life. ;)
Have fun,

Candi said...

Wow! What a haul and a swap. I am a recent subscriber to your blog and I would love to know where you purchased your fake KONAD plate (60 pieces) and also would you mind telling me where Loungie purchased the plates that you swapped for? I want to get more into nail stamping and the plates look really nice based on the pics that you have posted. I want to get more into nail art stamping. I can't wait to see more Konad manis from you.

Ayuu said...

60 plates ! O_o
That's stunning ... I want them, too xD

Charming Nails: said...

Gorgeous manicure!

Charity said...

Awesome collection! You're gonna be a busy little lady! =D

gildedangel said...

That mani is really pretty!