Sunday, February 21, 2010


HI LADIES!! here is my another Carnival nail art contest manicure entry for PAROKEETS please vote for me my entry number is #1 I used the bright colors and the mask that mostly I've seen in a carnival festival..I like to say thank u for sweety Nhirida for she had shared to us about using the reinforcement for half moon mani (link HERE) while I'm inspired by Maestra from Parokeets using this for a different nail art way (link HERE)

I love using this reinforcement for nail tip guide i love the perfect smile line that it gives on my nail tips..while I am in a grocery yesterday an Arab ladies approached me and asked me who made my nails and she's really amazed when i told her that I'm the only one who design my nails..she told me that I am so amazing and it's her first time to see a nail art design like this... ohh dear, getting compliments from other people and appreciate ur work are more than just a PRIZE!! and for that I want to say 'THANK U' for all the people who's following my blog and to those other blogger that I'm following..words are not enough on how will i express my gratitude
for keeping me inspired from all the compliments and comments & ideas u had given to me, I will do my best to give some more ideas..
happy polishing!! xoxo!! THANK U SO MUCH!!


essence on the go "
caronia "claret"
franken "pastel yellow"
franken "teal"
SJ polish "deep blue'
enchant polish "white"
jessie paris "light gold"
enchant "black"
reinforment stickers

image plate:

fauxnad b72


Pam said...

This is adorable I hope you win, I have a really hard time stamping, maybe I should use fauxnads because my kondading sucks. I will keep trying though.

Russlaendisch said...

Fanny Mani!:-)

Trincess said...

I'm always amazed at your creativity and neat work!!! =)

gildedangel said...

That is a really cute design!

Lily nail said...

nice manicure !!!

chocaddict said...

wow! fantastic design, I'm on my way to vote for you :)

poshnail said...

Love the nails!
Love the nail art!

Anonymous said...

Awesome design! I will definitely vote for you! Good luck!

Tartofraises said...

very funny nails !!! I like it !