Saturday, September 19, 2009


hi there's ur weekend so far... we are goin to Dubai today to visit my hubby's brother & family...and before i go for a very short vacation i just wanna share this to u.. as my promise ill post some swatches using my new OPI hauls... ok my first OPI KOTD is the OPI "chocolate moose" it is part of OPI Canadian collection, its a wildly sweet candy brown & i love it so much...
i always staring at my nails.. hahahahaha... i love the combi of pastel pink & this chocolate moose.. whenever i look on my nails from a distance it looks like im wearing a mauve color polish... LOL..
what do think about my work? would u try this combi or u suggest other combi?

with cam flash

OPI start to finish (for my base & top coat plus its nail strengthener)
OPI chocolate moose
Konad SP "pastel pink"
konad ip S6

thanks for reading.. have a great weekend!!!


nihrida said...

I love this konadicure! It looks great on you. Nice choice of colors too!

Doo said...

I too thought you had mauve polish on when I saw the little pic on my subscriptions :D I love designs that get another dimension when looking from another angle - of from further away. And pink or baby blue with brown looks always cool to me. Very beautiful look all over!

awesomevegan said...

Very nice. It reminds me of hot cocoa... the color that is. The design is like a basket :) I like it.

gildedangel said...

Ooooo pretty! I love that Konad!

flinty said...

There's something about that pattern that really flatters your nail shape. :D

Lucy said...

I've never seen this one swatched. I love this color on you. The Konad is really fantastic using the pink.