Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi there ladies... Jamie (Nail art tuesday) already posted the nail art design entries...all the entries were all FABULOUS... my entry number is #13 please vote for me *big smile on my face* use the poll to the right of her page Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday, September 29th... thanks a lot..

ok so now for my KOTD... i used Konad ip M66... when we went to Dubai last week & stroll in Dubai Mall I was so happy when i saw a Konad store.. & then i check out some plate if they have this Konad ip S9... oh yeh im really lemming for that ip coz its not available in Konad Philippines =( but then i get dissapointed again coz its not also available in the Dubai hubby bought the M66 for me just to make me smile coz he saw how dissapointed i am...ohhh.. enough for my lemming drama... i know 1 day i would find a person who will be willing to swap nail art stuffs from me...(if u like to swap nail art stuffs from me or u have any questions just email me at

so here my KOTD i hope u like it... tell me about my design.. do u like it? or its too over decorative... xoxo *hugs*

i used Guppy#79 (korean polish brand) its a white pearl shimmer polish..
i love how shimmer it is..
the polish is so easy to use for its very opaque
i put OPI start to finish base coat & top coat

Guppy #79
konad sp Red, green, black
gold small circle glitters
Konad Ip M66


ethnimad said...


Katie said...

wow, that's gorgeous!!

gildedangel said...

That is beautiful!

Pinkginger said...

That is absolutely stunning!It looks like a painting!

Amarena said...

I love this mani. I love the asian flawor of it:D

Lucy said...

This is such a lovely manicure. Art on your nails is an understatement. Very pretty.