Saturday, March 17, 2012


HI.. everyone!! Good news!! FUN ip will be back on stock..I am so over whelmed for all ur desire & patiently waiting for the FUN ip availability and so here it is..It''s back on stocks and in a new image plate size and we also release a new FUN ip design for all those nail art fanatic..

FUN image plates
ETA: March 25, 2012
Price: Php 750.00 each plate (Philippine peso)

FUN1 image plate
details: combined designs from our previous FUNI-IV
ETA: March 25, 2012
Price: Php 750.00 each plate (Philippine peso)

40 single image designs
4 full nail designs

FUN2 image plate
51 mix image designs

ETA: March 25, 2012
Price: Php 750.00 each plate (Philippine peso)

 Stamping Nail art using FUN1 ip from MARIA of  Nailnation

here's a zoom in shot of the FUN2

<3<3 To PLACE A PRE-ORDER <3<3
Just fill up the order form link:

Please check out my blog post ink for other stamping nail art stuffs

FUN ip are open for local & international re-sellers just email me for more info


Sarahlouise1986 said...

Squeeeee! excited! I love these! x

Paulina said...

Very excited! I can't wait.

JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

These are awesome, congrats! I have always wanted to see some plates with Greek letters on them so that I could represent my fraternity... just an idea! ;)

Thistlelicious said...

What are the measurements (either cm or inches) for the full size images on the Fun plates?



Anonymous said...
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Geniewtdbh said...

I love your blog! Your nails are so gorgeous I wanted to give your blog an award. Here is the link with the details! Congrats!


aline godinas said...