Wednesday, March 28, 2012


hi everyone.. just a quick post for my franken polish & an easy DIY peel off polish

"all mixed up"

I have a huge collection of nail polish but I am not a fan of glitter polish cause it's too hard to remove and wrapping in a cotton with acetone to an aluminum foils is really I dont like coz it dries my cuticles so I think of something that would help me to easily remove a glitter polish with out using acetone.. so i made my "DIY peel off polish" I got this idea from applying the nail foils.. so here's quick tutorial that i made..

apply a nail glue/ foil glue as ur base coat
I used best glue ever that Robin Moses Recommended
Note: I am not sure if nail glue/ nail foil glue or other craft glue is harmful on nail bed. If u encounter some allergy reaction discontinue the use of the product.

wait for the glue to dry up and  turns to clear
I applied two thin coats and I let every layer to dry up before I apply the 2nd thin coat

when ur glue is totally clear apply ur glitter polish & sealed it with the top coat and ur done!! ;)

soak ur nails in warm water for around 3-5 mins 
Using a tweezer carefully peel off ur polish 
start to peel off ur polish near the cuticle area or on ur nail tips
use non-acetone remover and wipe out the glue residue on ur nails & ur done!!

easy to remove polish mostly the heavy glitter one
would not dry ur cuticles on removing glitter polish using the cotton acetone foil wrap

u'll see a minor chip in ur nail tips in 1-2 days

and here are some Random nail art 
"soft as cashmere"

"french lace"

 "lace of hearts"
  "Mirror Mirror"


Bunny Nails said...

I love your nail art. The advice for wearing glitter polish is great!
I wore glitter nail polish recently and removing with acetone caused my nails to get dry and I got some splits that I had to cut my long nails :(
When my nails grow back, I will use your technique to keep my nails healthy :)

Anonymous said...

I love your technique for applying and removing glitter polish. I am going to try it. Also I love the red and gray design!!

Paulina said...

I like all of them super cute!

ThRiSzHa said...

thanks ladies..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i'll try to apply 2 coats of glue na kasi last time one lang e.feeling ko hnd gano success. hehehe
ang ganda ng nel arts mo,moja!!!!
love love love!
especially the lace of hearts!

Anonymous said...

Is the mirror mirror art stamped on or is that a ready made decal? If it is stamped what polish did you use?

Bastet469 said...

Do you have a recipe you could share for your All Mixed Up glitter frankenpolish? It's so pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Call me a newb, but what I'd fun2 ip. I tried looking it up on YouTube... Nothing...


Anonymous said...

Nail glue kind of slows down the growth of your nail. But i think it only affects it when a fake nail is glued to your nail. Be sure to let us know if you see any change in your nail growth(: