Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BLOG SALE!! OB22-32 image plates..

Hi everyone just like to share our new OB image plates that will be arrive on March 15, 2012

If u have any question feel free to email me

ETA: March 15,2012
To make a reservation just fill up the ORDER FORM LINK below:

QA1-13 = Php 900.00 (13 pcs. image plates)
OB14-21 = Php 600.00 (8 pcs. image plates)
OB22-32 = Php 800.00 (11 pcs. image plates)

BUY QA1-OB32 for only Php 2,000.00 (32 pcs. image plates)

**Image plates SOLD as per SET**
PRICES are in Philippine peso

To view the complete QA & OB series and other stamping nail art for sale just click HERE 


Delaynee said...

The mustache plate is killing me! I might just have to look in to ordering these gems!!

rock-or-not said...

I just filled the form ^^

EyO said...

Sorry for my english, your plate FUN2 is very cool, I think I'll buy it quickly !!
Your nail art are wonderful, congratulation !