Friday, July 16, 2010

Black & Gray Water Marble Nails

Hi everyone.. Hows ur week so far? anyways, I like to share my past mani that I made using our local brand here in the Philippines the brand called "Sansan" as they say " Beauty Exclusives is a special line of in-house brands manufactured exclusively for HBC. Manufactured under strict high-quality control standards, Beauty Exclusive products offer the same or better benefit than the leading and popular brands at affordable prices!" -HBC

Its not my first time to use this product for I had try their cosmetics lines...and I would say I love their products.. its cheap and had a better quality.. and I'll be buying some of their other cosmetics and polish!!

thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!

polishes used:
global glitters
sansan "cloudy gray"
OPI black onyx

here's my rating for the san san nail polish "cloudy gray"
drying time:
Can use for stamping/konading:
the application is OK I dont have any issue though the Polish brush is just normal
Opacity: Since it's cream polish 2 coats is OK
drying Time: it dries in a normal time for a regular polish
this polish can be used for konading and I love it!


Öykü said...

Looks amazing!

theartofnails said...

that looks so pretty! you did a great job.

Pawssies said...

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! super cute

Elsa said...

sis Sansan lang yan? ganda din pala noh! I love their polish too! :D

PaO* said...


Rebecca said...

This marble looks great! Really simple and stylish.

Maestra said...

Beautiful marble! You're a PRO sweety!

kory_nails said...

very nice:X I like it:X

Tinna said...

wow, crazy!! :) <3

fierce nails and beauty said...

They look fantastic.
I am going to have to give this marble effect a try.
It looks so nice and what a way to play around with colours.
Great job
♥ Bev

Freshie said...

Absolutely beautiful girl!

Fanny said... pretty

Ashley A. said...

Neat manicure! The glitter is a nice touch!

Elsa said...

wah sis!!! grabe ang liit ng nails ko weh! pang baby yoko ipakita!!!!!! palalakihin ko muna! nyaks!!!! :P

suzieduck said...

i really like this one. the effect is beautiful,like art glass.

Salisha said...

Very nice :D

Anonymous said...

caren: i'm so envy with all your polish haul, sana ako rin meron nun'' ska lahat ng mga accessories mo,,, hayyyy, kelan kaya ako magkakaroon nun?? i started nail arting 2008 but i have only 40's polishes..