Saturday, July 17, 2010


HI LADIES!! A week ago I received 2 packages one was came from Lisa GLAMMED UP and another is from Michelle THE LACQUER FILES... I was so happy when I received 2 packages in a week and what keeps me more excited it's a polish mail..woooooooottt!! woooottt!! let me share to u what manicures I came up with before I show to u what's inside with the packages...

on this mani I used China glaze fortune teller.. I've been wanting this polish so much ang I am so glad that Lisa able to send me this polish... I used different fauxnad plates for the spider web using the China Glaze millennium for stamping..
china glaze fortune teller
I wish they will have a pink, green, purple polish version of this
here's what Lisa sent me... weeee!! this made me jumping over joy!!
I am so surprised for the shipping days of the package took only for a week
heres what's inside the package..!! OMG!!
bunches of polishes and ofcourse a complete set of BM plates!!
thank u so much LISA u are really a SWEET HEART!!

china glaze babies & hard candy
my first love bites, nicka, Chg Matte, L.A colors Enchanting,
Revlon perfume polish "grapes"
klean color, SH Purple Pizza, pure ice, Purple glitter polish (*LOVE*)
another mood polish yay! my very first Finger paint polish and it's awesome coz it's green..
Milani Digital (awesome holo)
See the franken polish its similar with Massini Slamming red and I love it coz it's so gorgeous!!
Hard candy Mr. wrong!!

On the 2nd package It was came from Michelle from THE LACQUER FILES it was my prize from her Spring nail art contest.. check out her blog for she's having a Horror nail art Contest
Here are my prizes.. OH MY GOSH!! I've got my very first GOSH polish!! and I love the nail art polish, tools & decals she sent me.. thank u so much Michelle!! XOXO


Jen said...

great packages! and your nails are amazing!

ThRiSzHa said...

thanks sweety!~!

'chelle said...

Those are some AMAZING polishes and goodies you've received! Great mani =)

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Those are amazing packages :)
And you got 2 of my favorites ...Fortune Teller and Mr. Wrong!!! :D
Of course they look great on you.

Cah_nossovicio said...

I can imagine your happiness to receive these packages! The content is beautiful!

~Lisa said...

WOW! What an amazing package! I would be jumping for joy as well!!

Have fun playing with your new stuffie! ^^

Anonymous said...

I have Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, and it's such a unique color. You got some great stuff.
Another Hard Candy color I like is Lava. It's intense orangey red with gold glass-fleck shimmer in it. It's one of those polishes that make you stare at your nails a lot.

Pawssies said...

wow! i love the nails and those packageeeeeeees!

Elsa said...

nakakaexite...gamitin na agad yang mga polish and BM plates ehehehhe!