Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty Blends "Eco Gel soak off gel polish"

Hi ladies.. I just like to share my very most memorable experience from a seminar training that was held last February from BEAUTY BLENDS Incit was my first seminar training about nails.. the seminar is all about the Eco soak off gel polish.. as we all know soak off polishes are in a new trend now and many brands & colors are created for the soak off polishes.. these so called "soak off polish" promised to have a long wearing nail color for more than 3 weeks, they're non yellowing, and can be use for natural nails.. I think this kind of gel polish are great for busy mom or busy woman who doesn't have enough time to go in a salon.. a French manicure is also great.. I always wanted to have a long wearing french manicure but mostly whenever i do french mani it only last for 3 it's really great to try this soak off polishes XD here are some of the photos from the seminar training.. I will update this post as soon as i finish my review on soak off gel polish... happy polishing everyone..

I'm with Ms. Jacquline Yeung

Speaker and Trainer of Asia Spa & Education Consultant of Star Nail International USA
shes a Multi awarded Master nail educator..

Its really a great experience to learned something new & trained by nail Pros..

"A good nail technician care about ur nails.." - Jacqueline Yeung

Beauty blends Philippines Inc. 
Eco Soak off Gel Nail System Training 

Beauty blends Philippines Inc. 

Eco Soak off Gel Nail System Training 

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Jamie K. said...

nice! i worked for the Singapore company that brought in star nail products as well as eco gel :D hear your review soon!

Enamel Girl said...

very exciting! it looks like you guys learned a lot. thanks for sharing :)

happy nails :) said...

looks good:) I wish I were there.

Michelle said...

Oh wow! I never knew they had seminars about nails!

Great post! :D

ThRiSzHa said...

thank u ladies..

@ michelle- yes i was only invited for the seminar tyraining.. and yes they have some seminar & training coming soon..

@ enamel- tnx sweety..yes I learned a lot of things..theres a lof nail care tips i learned from the seminar training and hoping to work to with them soon..

@ jaimie- ohh wow great.. i love this eco gel polish.. i wish they will make a bit bigger size of the colr polish and the prize is very reasonable..

@ happy nails- thank u.. yeh i wish u were here and maybe u can join me ..

rock-or-not said...

So lucky!!
Looks so amazing!!

Lau said...

Hey its Laura Beth from a blog you follow "makeup on mind" Someone has broken into my account and is impersonating me. I have no access to my account anymore. It stinks that blogger is not taking action. So for the safety of your blog and email address please remove yourself from this blog asap!

xox Laura Beth

Anonymous said...

hi im a fan... can u please tell me where to buy the cheapest konad pltes here in philippines... can u send it thru my e mail anyway ur designs r uber beautiful and ur very creative

Joyce said...

Hell! i just happened to see your blog and was hopping to know if i can attend their seminars even if i'm not a professional nail tech? I just love nail art and i'm so fascinated with the gel systems nowadays. Are there also fees or stuff you have to pay for when attending their seminars? I'm planning to attend their seminars this May but don't know if i have the money to do so. I might be surprised by the prices. Would you happen to know? Your help would really mean so much to me. :)