Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi Ladies!! I've been very busy here in Manila so I haven't got a chance to make some post..
Let me share to u what beauties I found here in Manila...
the polish brand called "ETUDE HOUSE" it's a korean cosmetics brand, the polish base has NO TOLUENE/PHTHALATE, they're not only selling nail polish & nail care they're also have wide variety of cosmetics here in the Philippines their popular product is the BB cream..it promise a one-step solution for a lot of ur skin care concern.

here's the Dear darling nail polish that I bought A week ago, they have a very pretty polish bottle,I don't have any application issue with this polish!! though, polish is named by a number code.. though in some of my research I found some names of the polish but when I went to the store and ask the polish that I want to buy & gave them the names they're asking me for the number code..ohh ohh.. I hope they will be more creative on naming their polish...but for sure I'll be back agin in EH store for more of their nail color polishes!!

dear darling swatches
#31- it's a purple pink glitter polish
#42 - dark blue frost with a micro silver & blue micro glitter
WH004 - a black jelly with filled green, blue, purple micro glitters
BL009 - a blue with micro green shimmer
PP007 - a purple pink with a blue, red, purple micro glitters
that looks holo under the light
U can also found a nail swatches of the WH004, BL009 & PP07 here

"ETUDE HOUSE Petite nail polish Line"


pp09- purple pink cream
BL501- a very soft touch of blue cream polish
BL505- a soft touch lavender cream polish
GR605- medium touch of green cream polish


OR203- soft touch color of orange but not a pastel color
PP903- a very deep purple cream polish
GR604- light green color with a micro silver shimmer
#7- frosted bronze with micro silver shimmer
#2 - dark blue jelly base with micro blue & silver shimmers
have u heard about ETUDE HOUSE? or do u owned any Eh polishes or cosmetics? well, thats it for today!! for those who love to try this Fabulous polish u can check http://etudehouseusa.com/
thanks for looking!! happy polishing!!
NOTE: this post is NOT SPONSORED BY ETUDE HOUSE I personally bought this beauties from my own pocket XD


jbrobeck said...

i do not own any EH polishes but I wish i did! the little bottles are adorable, the lids look like tulips!

ThRiSzHa said...

I hope u can get some soon.. yeh the bottle lid are so pretty!!

lucy said...

thats so cute!!

Saori said...

Ha, I was waiting for your post for a few days now :) I knew that you were Ok because you let me some comments but ... It was long lol
So, wonderful polishes you bought !! I have one like first picture, I had won it on happyberry's giveaway :) I don't try it yet :O
Bye ^^

ThRiSzHa said...

thanks Lucy!!
@ Saori- hey sweety.. im glad u hada chance to have this cute bottle polish Im looking forward for ur swatches!!!

ART OF NAIL said...

nice hauls... :)

ThRiSzHa said...

@ art of nail- thanks sis!!

Tiana said...

oooooow these are super awesome! Love them! <3

Anonymous said...

I've heard of Etude House. Another blog I read has reviews of their BB Cream and some other makeup products. However, I did not realize they even made nail polish until recently. The colors you got are so pretty.

Skulda said...

These are really cute! :o

amusedPolish said...

nice haul :D
I lvoe the design of their dear darling line- I've got a few (from another collection) too bad they don't have an international shop or something similar

Rebecca said...

The bottle design on these is gorgeous!

Jackie S. said...

These look great! I've heard about them, but have yet to get my hands on a bottle, GORGEOUS!

winter gurl said...

wow you have a lot nail polish collection .