Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi Ladies!! 2 weeks ago I went out of town to visit my parents-in-law and since Mae's house are just a few mminutes away drive from my in-laws house Me and Mae (Art of Nail) made a swap and I would like to visit my godson Jamir Mae's 2nd baby.. I drop by on their house, made a LiL chat to her for I am in a hurry and Have no time to stay long but for sure next time we will have more time to spend together.. we also tried to have a photo of our mani but the camera didnt cooperate with us..LOL!!

And from the polishes that she gave to me I gone crazy to try the black crack polish.. and I choose the pink & black combi... the polish is easy to remove compared to the crack polish that my aunt bought in Transdesign and I think its Lil cheaper compared to the price of the crack polish from transdesign, it chips on my nails after 4 days.. so i think its not that bad after all..
thank u so much Sissy Mae.. till next time!! XOXO

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!! xoxo
I like to share with u what Mae's gave to me..
sally hasen nail growth miracle, Sally Hansen maximum growth polish , L.A. colors (enchant), my very first zoya polish, crack polish in color black, red & purple, dotting tool, metal decal in red, green & purple color plus a rimmel eye liner...I love all the polishes she gave to me.. thank u so much Sissy Mae!! I'm looking forward to see u again soon.. and If u want to see what I've gave to Mae click here

please Visit Mae's site ART OF NAIL for she has FABULOUS nail design she's awesome & her creation are totally ROCK!! I love the Asian Girl she made.. Pls. vote for her GIRLIEST NAIL ART ENTRY @ EMERALD SPARKLE click here to VOTE!!
here's what Mae girliest Nail art Entry..
Mae's entry #3


ART OF NAIL said...

thanks a lot sis.. hope to see each other again.. you're very sweet... I'm so touched... hugs and kisses! =)
maespiritu (artofnail)

ThRiSzHa said...

ur welcome sissy!! thanks to u too!! till next time!!

Laura Beth said...

Awesome polish, I love that it cracks!


Delaynee said...

I want crack polish so bad - great combo - looks amazing!!

Rhea said...

cracks always look so cool!

Charming Nails kynsiblogi: said...

Looks so cool :)

Rebekah said...

wow the crackle polish is so so gorgeous!!!

I am gonna drop you a line hun!! xx

Tassa said...

It looks so cool! :)

ShortAndSweetNails said...

OH that's so great! I've been wanting a crackle polish forever!!!

glitterM said...

Love the crackle finish. Wish I could get some of this! Black and pink are HOT together!

sarena said...

je t'envie ! tu fais des merveilles !!

~tHiAmErE~ said...


the cracking nail polish is really the no-fuss nail art that i have ever tried..hehe

hope you'll have a great week ahead!

the TFS polish is just P99

Natsuko said...

It's so nice!
I love it.

Saori said...

Well it's very cool when we can meet between us :)
Love crack effect ^^

Dhini said...

Love cracked
where can i buy it?